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Reverse Spiral Blades?

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  • Reverse Spiral Blades?

    I ordered some FD 2/0 reverse spiral blades and recieved them today, I ordered them in the hopes of reducing the amount of fuzzies I have on the backs of my portraits. So out to the saw I went and started making some sawdust. I stacked four 1/8 pieces of bb plywood and was impressed with how the blade handled. But upon finishing the portrait and examining the pieces I found that while the amount of fuzzies was reduced I had fuzzies on both sides of the bottom 3 boards not just the bottom side. Now normally I burn my fuzzies off the back, but can't even think about putting the torch to the front!! So I found myself having to very carefully sand the front side of each portrait No mishaps, but a lot of extra time spent.
    Is this normal results from reverse spirals? If so, its back to the old tried and true spirals for me.


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    I've had the same exact problem...... Solved most of it by using nails to really tighten up the stack.
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