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  • G4 vibration test

    I read from time to time, about someone balancing a coin on the saw table, and it staying there while they saw. I just read on a web site, about a guy that had a middle priced saw and then upgraded to a high priced one, higher priced than my G4. And had a little video of sawing with a dime balanced on it. So with the stories by a couple of fellows saying the G4 vibrated a lot, I thought I would put it to the test. I had a hard time just balancing a dime on the table, maybe it was a round bottomed one, I don't know. But finally did and put the saw at highest speed. It only stayed about 15 seconds, but like I said it was a hard one to balance in the first place. So I got a nickel and tried it, and I guess I could saw all day with it there, if I didn't hit it moving the piece of wood. So I think I can say my saw doesn't vibrate very much. Just was wondering how it would do in the test, and I say it passed the test fine.

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    YEs, it sounds like it passed fine. I have sawed like that for a long time before. I did use a nickle, I cant get a dime to stand on edge on our kitchen table even, and to get my saw table that precisely level to try the dime, would be pointless. congrats on a great saw! Dale
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      I tried mine with a magnet, and it never fell at all.

      It is always fun to try these tests. I got a new car the other day and I like to think you can't tell the motor is running. I don't know if it makes my car any more practical than the next but it is nice to imagine that it is.

      I did once have a saw that would probably throw a ten pound bag of potatoes off the table if I turned it on and that was no fun at all to use.
      Somewhere in the middle is a saw I can afford.
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