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Is Black Gum, Tupelo Gum?

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  • Is Black Gum, Tupelo Gum?

    I found a sawmill that has black gum. Is black gum wood the same as tupelo wood? Does black gum not fuz like tupelo won't fuz when power carving. What are the similarties and differences between the wood? I went to many websites and they all seem to agree that black gum is black tupelo. So does anyone know the difference between tupelo, and black tupelo? Thank you

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    Re: Is Black Gum, Tupelo Gum?

    Have no personal knowledge of the subject, but according to 'Trees of North America' they are the same tree.


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      Re: Is Black Gum, Tupelo Gum?

      Ooops - forgot about the differences between the tupelo's. According to the book the main differences are the part of the country where they grow and the shape of the leaves. It doesn't say anything about the structure of the woods.


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