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How about a foot pedal with speed control?

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  • How about a foot pedal with speed control?

    I got an idea. The foot pedal in the market can only control On/Off. Is it more convenient if the foot pedal can control both on/off and speed? It will act like an accelerator in a vehicle. Do you guys think it's a good or bad idea?


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    You can use a router controller for this, but if your scrollsaw already has a speed control then you will run into problems.

    For years sewing machines have had VS foot controls....they are not strong enough for the scrollsaw..... and they have offered lots of control for sewing.
    I find when I scroll though that once I set my speed for the materials I am cutting I do not vary it too much.

    My preference would be a simple on off switch with the speed being adjusted by the saw.
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      I've been sewing for more than 30 years and never gave the sewing machine foot pedal a thought in regards to the scroll saw. I do like the whole speed control idea.

      I think it would probably benefit beginners only because if I find some of the turns a little tricky and want the saw to slow down some, I have to turn off the saw and readjust the speed. I'm not good at adjusting the speed while I'm sawing. It's the whole "saw off my fingers" thing that kind of intimidates me.
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        Speed control

        Most of my scrolling is at a fixed speed. If I had to hold my foot at a fixed possition, other than on or off, my foot wood cramp. Thank goodness for cruise control on my Jeep.
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          I agree with every one. its a toss up for me. I too sew. and find my self , pressing on my foot switch on my saw, sometimes hopeing to go faster, and it would be nice like Kelly says. to instantly slow down. But I have got used to it, just turning on and off. Kelly you can get used to holding your wood still while turning your saw speed down. my saw sometimes goes faster, when i turn it off to change blades. and back on. so I think like Carl says, maybe it would interfear with the controlle thingy. but I do think it could be done. would like to try it for sure. your friend Evie


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            Variable spped control

            From what I have been told 90% or more of the scrollsaws on the market are not the same type of motor as a router. I'm no engineer, but I have talked to some engineers about it, and they have told me you will burn the motor up in a scrollsaw trying to use a router speed control.
            If someone would try it I would like to know if it worked, I just haven't wanted to take the chance of burning one up to try it. The engineers I talked to could be wrong I guess.
            Rick Hutcheson


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              1st things 1st, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your visits.

              To Expand on what Rick posted:

              If, and only if, a scroll saw was designed from the ground up to support a VS foot pedal, it could be done and be U.L. approved and be certified by Gov't agencies for consumer safety. (Aside: for thoes members who don't live in USA, that translate into getting product insurance policies. No OK from U.L. and no insurance against lawsuits.)

              Here's the gotcha: it is presumed that the floor around any foot switch for wood working tools is full of saw dust. Saw dust and electical sparks are not friends. Sealed ON/OFF switches have been around a long time. Sparks only inside the switch, no fire hazard.

              BTW: take a close look at Delta's foot switch. The actual switch is attached to the wall outlet. Your foot only works an air pump bellows. An air tube runs over to the yellow box pluged into the wall outlet. The air pump burst really tuns the electical switch ON / OFF. This is a bit over-kill in the product safety bit.

              Trust me, many others have posted on this and other forums your suggestion. After a year or so of scrolling, almost everyone just leaves the speed contol alone. They change the speed for a special project or material, and then back to the 'normal' speed once it is done. Heck one popular Delta saw is still belt driven with only a few speeds to choose from.



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