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Gluing acrylic and blade size

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  • Gluing acrylic and blade size

    Gonna try my hand at a little acrylic cutting. A few of my pieces need some extra strength due to them being fragile. I was thinking of cutting some acrylic as a backing for it to add some rigidity. How would I go about attaching / gluing the acrylic to 1/4" and 3/8" poplar? Also how does the blade sizes go for acrylic cutting? Is it the same as wood or do ya' need a larger size for the smaller acrylic? I'm going to use Mike's polar blades but just need to know what size I'll need for what size acrylic?
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    I've used epoxy most of the time when attaching wood and acrylic.


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      E-6000 craft adhesive ! Its availble at the big box stores, and works better then anything else ive used when gluing acrylic to wood.It comes in a tube, and is a bit of a PITA to squeeze out of the tube, but holds strong. As for blades, a polar #5 or is mainly what I use for this, but check with Mike for his input. dale
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        I use gorilla glue or 5 minuet epoxi. rough it up a little for grip,
        use packaging tape on the plastic, i have had many projects wrecked by the plastic just melting and letting the blade pass, through, something in the tape contaminates or cools the blade where the acrilic wont weld its self back togather behind the blade.
        then you got the tape to pick off when your done so fold the edege under if you can.. or slip a paper tab under the edege for easier removal....

        when cleaness dont count i use petrolium jelly and feed it into the blade with a drinking straw the lube cools the blade, but the greese is tough to get off the plastic when done. if you need to bond it to some dissimular material.
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