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Dremel 1800, Anyone using one???

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  • Dremel 1800, Anyone using one???

    Hello all!! I was curious if anyone is using the Dremel 1800, I am in the market to buy one and would like to hear what anyone has to say about it. I just bought a Delta 16" and just lastnight I packed it back in the box and today I will return it to Lowe's. I was NOT impressed with this saw. Let me tell you why. I should mention this is my second Delta in 2 weeks. The first one I bought, 2 day after I bought it the blade tension screw broke off! Not to mention I hadnt even used the saw yet. So i packed that one back up and on my way to Lowe's I went and exchanged it. The one I have now the quick change blade lever on the top will not stay closed, it keeps poping open!!! So i have been doing a little looking around online and saw the Dremel which is around the price range I would like to stay in and it seems to be a pretty descent saw for the money, only 40 dollars more than the Delta. Plus it is 18" instead of 16"! To me that seem to make up for the 40 dollar diffrence in price. I am not to concerned with the sanding wheel as I am also going to be buying a sander. Now I know its not a DeWalt or an Excliaber, but it seems to be a better quality saw then the others in its price range, (Delta, Craftsman, Ryobi). So any input on this would be greatly appericated!!!

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    First let me welcome you to the forum! My first saw while not the 1800 but the 1680 provided me with many hours of happy sawing. Unfortunently I didn't stay up on the required maintance such as oiling the bearings and I locked it up in less then a year. I seriously considered the 1800 but opted for the DeWalt (glad I did) but I think you will be happy with the 1800, I like the newer design of it with all the controls and tensioning lever up front over the 1680.
    I work for Lowe's and I have noticed the very problem you are speaking of with several Delta saws being returned for that very reason lately.


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      Hillbilly, thanks for the reply, how do you like the DeWalt??? I was just sitting here looking at it on the puter and am seriously considering getting it over the Dremel, just means I cant get my table saw for a bit if I do! How is the maintance on the DeWalt??? Quality of the table?? Are blade changes easy?? Thanks!


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