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I need input on saw selection

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  • I need input on saw selection

    Hi all,

    I just bought a Sears 16 inch tilt arm scroll saw .

    Is it worth owning?

    Now before y'all yell , dummie ask first THEN buy , well yeah , but I didn't think to look for a scroll saw group till after I found the old Machine group and well it gets hairy. Besides it was on sale and I had a buy/no buy decision.

    To me the top arm vibrates too much and the speed controll window is not properly alligned.

    I really want input from owners, those who like (and why), and those who feel it is an abomination so bad Mr Sear and Mr. Roebuck are coming bac k as I type to kill Martha Stewart and her band of Corporate Raiders.

    Eventually I want to make boxes and do relef cutting that come throught the face of th eboxes then carve them

    so PUHLEEAZE, let the Windging and Whining start right now .

    Keep it , or put it in the Trebuchet and toss it at the Nearest K-MArt/ Sears?



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    I have a Craftsman myself and I thought about getting one like you have but I wanted to used plain end blades and I think yours uses only pinned. I know sears has a adapter to make the saws pinless but wasn't sure if yours would work -But I love my craftsman and I really do like the way your arm tilts instead of the table.. it will be a world of difference on your bevel cuts - much easier for you.I hope you bought the replacement warranty ..I have had to carry one back after I dropped it and they gave me a brand new one right then n hassle at all
    Hope you have LOT of fun using your new saw- I for one think you did very good.


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      New SAw Selection

      thanks fer the advise, but needing the repair warrenty is troubling.

      I had one local scroller give me his opinion, and it did not bode well for sears. I saw the Dewlt as a possible replacement as it was rated best for the buck(at 300 plus bucks!!!) except they are having issuse with the blade vices, with no apparent end in sight.

      So perhaps I will stand pat.

      This unit (I am told) can accept either pin or flat blades, with out a kit. I think the salesman was mistaken.

      What are the bennies to a pinless system?

      Oh I will find your post on mopsand reply there. I have not figured out why I am having troubles, my inability to use tecknologgie is why I use knives and chisels to carve not power carve, still got most of all of my ten fingers! yikes!




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        Originally posted by Sparkie
        What are the bennies to a pinless system?
        Most importantly smaller pilot holes for fretwork.
        I suspect there is a broader selection of pinless blades vs pinned.
        I suspect pinless blades also come in thinner sizes.
        Sawdust King

        If there is one thing I can make perfect every time it is sawdust.


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          No scroll saw is worthless, so forget throwing it away. As to whether you need a SECOND scroll saw - you sure will if that one only uses the pin-end blades. You said you'd like to do relief cuts, and then carve on it. That (usually) requires that you drill a very small hole and insert a fairly thin blade and then cut on an angle. The pin-end blades tend to be much thicker (hence, a thicker kerf), plus you'd have to drill a much larger hole to get the pin through. The bigger hole would be more difficult to hide. There is a go-around - you can knock out the pin, insert it in the smallest hole it will fit into, and replace the pin with a safety pin or a paper clip. But that has got to be a real pain in the kiester if you do it very often.
          The DeWalt has been a very good saw, and I suspect they will get it fixed really soon. In the meantime, you can start to build your skills on the one you have. It will all translate to any other saw you get.
          Good luck to you, and let us know what you decide.
          And welcome to the group - be sure to come back often.


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            My first scroll saw is a craftsmon. I just thought it was heaven sent. untill , I tryed to cut some fretwork. I found the pin blades just would not go through those tiny holes. not to mention, changing blades was a real job without a quick clamp. trying to put the blade through a hole first then placeing it into a clamp straight. was a real job. and took me forever. my saw only had one speed. VERY FAST. Not good for a begginer. plus I had no air bloower. I got pretty dizzie blowing the dust buy mouth. lol. I did learn that I could file down the pin on the top of my blade to get it through smaller holes. and heard that you could take the pin out and put a safty pin in the hole. but this was just way more work than I wonted to do. I bought one of those things to make my saw use pinless blades , hah. used that thing ONce. $25.00 down the drain.
            I think you have a better saw than mine is . but I would say . Play with it for awhile . you have already paid for it. and it can really make you appreciate a better one . when that time comes. I had to clamp my old saw down tight, or it would walk around the room.not to mention , I kept it on my work bench. and would find all kinds of stuff on the floor. from the vibration it caused. also I had no foot switch . so going 1700 rpms and trying to find the turn off switch , while chasing my wood around the tabale, blowing the dust away fom the blade, so I wouldn't cut my finguer off. was a REAL job. anyway I still have that old thing. and wont get rid of it. but I have a Hegner now. and boy is SHE sweet. there are alot of good saws out there. and I think craftsmons are alot better now than mine is, but you just have to use what you have. your friend Evie woops forgot to say welcome Chris. enjoyed your post. your pretty funny I like humor
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              Hi All,

              Well as it turns out the day I found out about the big wood show was monday afternoon about 4 pm, the show being the day before, and of course , unlike everything else I want to go to this was 10 minutes away AND FREE PARKING . but the day before. Could tried out 4-5 saw in one afternoon.

              the yeahs and nays seem to be running agin her, and one person has agreed to let me come to his house and try out his two machines.

              Still am up in the air on this though so I may post on two other sites.

              I never knew about the pin / less reasoning as was concerned with the quality of the machine other then that.

              The unite has a right side front big on off switch that will go off with a hand swipe (or stump swipe for people who mishandle RAS's ) . I can make a foor switch or wire up one I took off an old machine in a mchine shop I installed some deviices. Its ugly and huge and works fine. In addition I never thought of sitting at a power saw, but since I might the foot rests I have seen in various places are begiining to look good to me.

              Well I have much to consider.

              thanks fer the input and will check back in to see if other weigh in on the sears product.


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                I might be missing something but if it's a new saw, Sears will usually take item back for credit or refund. If it's not the right one, give that some consideration. Good luck with whatever you do.



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                  Hi All,

                  Harris, you are correct in the old pre Walmart World, today Sears is tired of being a tool rental place. People bring so much back, they changed. One gent told me,

                  " we usta get guys who would buy 2 compressors and 4 different pheumatic guns and a million nails, then come back in 3 months and return it. They say they used a few times, but no nails. They buiilt the Extensions on their houses and then returned it. Sears needed to stop this rip off so now they have a maybe return policy, subject to full refund, restocking fee, or even total refusal "

                  I bought the saw but put a couple of pieces of wood through it. they may or may not take it back.

                  gotta go

                  I might be missing something but if it's a new saw, Sears will usually take item back for credit or refund. If it's not the right one, give that some consideration. Good luck with whatever you do.



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