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  • have ??? on blades

    Hi all,

    I'm still fairly new at this but do have an important ? I have 2 scroll saws.One is from menards its called tool shop. pretty basic. the other i bought at an auction that i really wanted. It is a dremel. My biggest question is that on the dremel I can not get the tension right for a plain end blade. I have several pin end blades but what i want is a spiral blade. It looks like it will be the best for small detail. Is there any pin end spiral blades?
    My next ? is I know that you need to drill start holes to cut inside the pattern but if i use pin end blades its a pretty big hole. sometimes it will turn out to be too big and mess up the piece.

    any help will do,

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    I'm afraid I can predict the responses to your questions, Misty. Most will say that they don't use pin-end blades. Not only is there the problem you pose, but many of the thinner blades necessary for fine cuts just don't come with pins. I hope you find out how to tighten blades and hold tension with plain-end blades on your saws. It's the only way to go.

    There are some who use round blades for fine cuts, but most use 2/0 or thinner plain-end blades. They learn to negotiate really tight turns and end up making finer cuts than any round blade can produce.

    Good luck....and have phun.......Carter


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      I don't know of any pin end spirals . My hawk only uses pinless blades. I find that spirals will give to large of a kerf . I use a 2/0 and with alittle practice you can turn on a dime with them.As far as you clamps not holding blades if you can take them apart and rough up ends with sandpaper so thatthey will bite into the blade.There might even be a piece of a broken blade inside the holder so you can't tighten it down like you should. Don't try to over tighten you blade you just want a high C twang from the blade .


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        I have the Dremel 1680 (their 16") but I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to get the tension right. Is the blade loose or is it popping out of the holders? I never had a problem with tension on the Dremel. Heavykevy pretty much told you what you need to do (scuff up the holders) to improve the holding. Also, make sure there's no oil on the holders themselves or the blades.
        As far as what blades to use, my best advise is to experiment. It depends on the intricasy of the cut, the thickness of the wood and your own preferences. Personally, I use #1 and #3 Flat reverse blades up to about 5/8" and I cut extremely intricate patterns. 2/0's I typically will use for 1/4" and under stuff.

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          Misty, this may work for your pin end blades. Drive the pin out of the blade with a small punch or nail. You can then insert the blade into smaller holes. Replace the pin with a safety pin. Most places that sell blades still handle the pin type. Good luck. Mick.
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            thats the best Idea I have ever heard for using a pin end blade through a small hole.It will work too, I have pushed the pins out of blades before, and tried putting them back in the blade before. A safety pin will do the trick! As for pinned spirals, I havent seen them. Dale
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