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Variable speed problems

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  • Variable speed problems

    I have a Delta 250 ss saw. The saw runs wide open all the time.I can turn the
    knob against the stop and the saw will slow down to min. speed but as soon
    as I let go it winds back up to full throttle.I have blown out the dust from around the var. speed control and underneath the saw. I need some advice on what to look at next other than looking into tearing apart the var. speed control itself.
    Delta P-20

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    Bronco...from the symptoms you describe it sounds as if the potentiometer on your speed control might have an open winding or a loose connection. You will probably have to disassemble it to visually inspect it. You also probably won't be able to detect an open winding by visual inspection. If you have electrical experience, or know someone who does, you can check it with an ohmmeter. While you have it apart it wouldn't hurt to spray the potentiometer with an electrical contact cleaner. I realize this isn't a lot of help but maybe it will point you in the right direction.
    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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      Speed problems.

      How interesting, my Delta just started the sam routine. My speed actually varies all by itself.?

      I will pull mine apart and check the pot with an Ohm meter and repost my results.

      My Delta saw is now only used for club meetings (portable) I normaly use my RBI Hawk.
      RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
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        delta or dewalt

        Thanks for the advice on the speed control. I have had nothing but trouble
        with this saw since I bought it. My lovely wife suggested I buy a good saw!
        I am trying to decide between a Delta P-20 and a Dewalt 788.
        With all the problems I have been reading about the Dw788 blade holders
        and the fact I like the delta blade holders, I am currently leaning towards
        the p-20.I would like to test these saws before I use them but no stores
        in this town carry them.Where did you p-20 and DW788 owners buy yours from?
        What are the pros and cons for both.I am looking at buying one or the other
        within a week.I will saw the delta ss 250 got me hooked on scrolling.
        Delta P-20


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          Hi Bill;
          I am sure that many will disagree with me for the simple reason that DeWalt sold thousands of saws before the Delta P-20 came on the market and most of them like them and I am happy for them. But then they have never owned a Delta P-20
          Apparently Delta saw a need for an updated mid range priced saw after seeing the DeWalt sales and they built the P-20 .
          As far as I am concerned there is just no comparison in the two. I totally wore out my Dewalt in three years so I was looking for a better saw in approx the same price range. The P-20 is built like a tank. It is a heavy duty industrial quality saw and the Delta rep told me that schools all across North America are replacing their DeWalts with P-20 because the DeWalts would not stand up to the abuse that students give them.
          I know what you mean about the VS controlers going bad. It happens with all makes far too often than it should and the VS controlers also cut down on power. That was one of the last things that started to go on my DeWalt. The speed was surging up and down and with all the other parts wearing out and doing the knock, shake , and rattle and roll I got rid of it.
          The P-20 is a 6 speed belt drive and because of design it can be cross pullyed for about 40 different speeds. Most people never need any more than six speeds. I seldom change from one speed on mine year in, year out. It takes mere seconds to change to any speed.
          The P-20 is head and shoulder above the DeWalt for design of blade holders and it has the best and easiest top feeding of the blade system on the market bar none.
          It has a motor about triple the size of DeWalt and it has a nice large hole in the table for putting in the standard insert or a zero clearance insert. It comes complete with a heavy duty adjustable steel stand and the saw weighs more than double the weight of a DeWalt.
          Dewalt cannot be lubricated whereas the P-20 has sealed ball beraings where necessary and oil cups where sealed bearings are not necessary.
          I have had my P-20 longer now than I had the DeWalt and I have never spent a nickel on it and and it has done a ton of sawing.
          If you click on my picturetrail link below you will see the amount of scrolling I do. That site shows just a small portion of my work. I have sawn out up to 15 each of many of those large clocks..
          I am not knocking the DeWalt . I am merely pointing out the differences from my own experience with the two.
          If you are just doing hobby work you might have good luck with the DeWalt and save youself a few bucks. But I do production sawing and I need a saw that will take it. I doubt very much if there is anyone here that puts as many hours of stack sawing of hardwoods in a year as I do . The DeWalt will last only in proportion of how many hours are on it and not how many years old it is.

          Would I trade my saw straight up for a Hegner or RBI or any of the other so called "top line" saws ? Not a chance . My P-20 has many more features that I prefer that those other ones dont.

          This is my own personal feelings on the two saws from my own experience and is not intended to put down the DeWalt that many are happy with . Whichever one you buy I wish you all the best but if it is a new DeWalt you want you might be wise to wait until they overcome the latest round of manufacturing problems they are having with them.

          I am not sure of your nearest sales outlet for the P-20 because I am in Canada but The Delta web site will probably give you the locations. I am also not sure about putting it on castors but whether that is a good or bad idea, the same thing would apply to most makes but would probaly work best with the P-20 due to the heavy weight of it.
          All the best to you.

          The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

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            DeWalt 788

            I bought my 788 from Woodcraft. They had a floor model on display so I was able to check it out before buying the one in the box. I guess mine was from a production run before the problems cropped up. I really hate to hear that folks are having problems with the later versions because I honestly believe it's a good saw for the money. I strongly recommend the 788....if you can inspect the saw before you buy it. The problems I'm aware of consist of table flatness and upper arm travel which affects blade clamping. If you find one that has a flat table and the blades clamp properly I'd guess it's a good one. I had a Delta (don't remember the model number) and it was also a nice little saw. It was a 16 inch "c" arm style so the upper arm didn't lift up out of the way. I had to replace the rubber bushing in the upper arm a couple of times but that was no big deal.
            If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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              I also bought another Dewalt 788 in June 2005 after my previous 788 was no longer able to function as a scroll saw. I must have over worked it for the last 8 years. My new 788 is the type 2 they talk about having problems with, but, my table is absolutely flat and I have no problems with the blade holders. I really think it's problems that have occured after I bought my saw in June 2005.

              I still think that the 788 is a very good scroll saw for the money, and hope that Dewalt solves the problems with the new 788s.


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                Thanks to everyone on their valuable input in my choosing a new saw. It was a hard choice since I like both saws,however with all the problems associated with the DW788 I chose and ordered the Delta P-20. The fact I like the quickset blade clamps which are on my ss-250 and Deltas service treated me very good when I had problems with my current saw. I ordered my saw and received free shipping and $75 off so I bought my saw with a stand for $392 I am very pleased. My new saw will arrive in @ 10 working days which is ok since I am starting a shutdown at work Friday.Thanks to all again,
                Delta P-20


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                  sounds like you got a great deal! Happy dust making!
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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                    Thanks Dale,
                    I didn't get as good of a deal as you did but I'm happy with mine.
                    Delta P-20


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                      LOL, yes, and I'm still smiling!
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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