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    Before I begin, I'd like to say I am well aware of the many members on SSW forum who enjoy Flying Dutchman brand blades, but there are other blades out there. Other quality blades. I happen to be one of the minority who uses one of the "other" brands and one in particular I'd like to discuss.

    While working with Sue in California, I used Olson "Gold Series" blades for the first time. I have to say, I really liked them and found a remarkable difference from their regular blades which are most common in my shop and classes.

    For most of my work, I use a #5R or #2R. Just my preference. I admit, over the past couple years my work has changed, and I now use several different species of wood and other materials but this "Gold Series" is what I recall their original blades being like. Guess it just got me to wonder, how we become so familar with a brand.

    So is it just me, or is there a difference for those out there who use the Olson (scroll saw) Gold Series blades versus the regular.

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    Well Toni. I havent used those yet, as a matter of fact the only Olsen blade I ever used was a PGT, I loved it but they were not easy to get here in "the Whack"

    I believe you should try all the blades out when ever you can. Different blades are suited for different styles of scrolling.
    Each blade from each manufacturer has different qualities and each scroller may or may not like the same qualities.

    We may end up getting dozens of blades from different manufacturers for different needs.
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      Yep Carl I agree. I have tried several blades, and I don't want to take this into various brands. Think we all are aware where that will end up and I just simply don't want to take that path.

      The Olson Gold Series did resemble the PGT.


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        I havent tried the gold series blades, but I do use some olsens. I prefer FD blades for just about everything, with the exception of spirals, which prefer olsens. I havent tried the fd "new" spiral blades yet, I have samples but havent done anything to use a spiral on lately. I was excited when I learned of the FD reverse tooth spirals, but was disappointed in them for various reasons, but every other FD blade I try I am totally happy with, and the service from the FD guy is second to none, and that means a lot, at least to me. Ive tried at least five diffrent brands,Olsen, Pegas, PSwood supersharps, Eberlee, and Flying D's,not to mention the ones packed in a blister pack labled delta, and dewalt, ect.
        Yes, everyone should try all types of blades, all styles, and brands, and find the ones that best suits your cutting.An inexperienced scroller might not notice much diffrence from one to the next, but once you realize the diffrence,you know what you like best.I am a believer in 'if it isnt broke, dont fix it', but when I tried others, I always return to old faithful, the FD's.

        edit ops, sorry, I brought brands into the mix, you can delete it bob if needed, sorry.
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Ah sigh. No need to edit, I'd be kidding myself if I thought for a moment we could discuss blades without the Flying Dutchman blades being mentioned.

          There has been plenty of testimony as to the quality of FD blades and the pleasurable man behind the sale of them, but lets remember the thread was initiated to start another conversation all together.

          Here's hoping to get us back on track with comparing the Gold Series blades to the regular Olson blades.


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            I haven't seen Olson "Gold" series blades. I've never been happy with the longevity of Olsons, so I don't buy them. I really like the way their crown tooths cut, but I hate having to change a blade every 5 minutes. I tried some of most of what they gave me with the Excalibur, and none particularly impressed me. I do use more than 1 brand of blade, Olson just isn't one of them.

            Kevin (and I didn't mention any other brands either)
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              I'd never even heard of them until I read this thread.

              I do use, very occasionally their PGT if I have thick wood and long straight cuts to make. I did try a couple gross of their scroll reverse, crown tooth, spirals,etc... when I first started scrolling - and got awful tired of changing broken blades ALL the time.

              These do sound interesting though. Do you have a friendly, knowledgable blade supplier who would send me a free sample pack of the various types/sizes to give them a go?

              Barry and I didn't mention ANY brand name....
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                I agree with you Kevin, the longevity of Olson blades doesn't appear to be what it once was, to me anyhow. I seldom break a blade with my current saw, and when I did with a different saw, it was only due to my own error in judgement. (Still learning after all these years..... )

                These blades did have some bite like the PGT and lasted longer.They accomodated the curves and corners of fretwork well. Since I was working at someone else's shop I used what was on hand. Sorry, no benifactory supplier to name drop, and I am not sure I can even get these blades in Canada.

                When we offer classes, I do look for "sponsors" to provide samples of their product for evaluation by students in our workshops/classes. It is important the participants evaluate products for themselves, afterall they are the ones to be using them afterward. I will be on the search for a source for these blades or have to bring them back from California in time for the classes this fall.


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                  Toni--I have been using Olson PGT and spiral blades for years and Judy Gale Roberts has been selling "gold" blades for ages. I think the gold blades are an improvement over some of the older blades (no matter what manufacturer). However, they are a bit more expensive and some folks will gripe about price vs value. I, frankly, do not understand all the "blade breaking" stuff I read here at times. I do my projects with every conceivable kind of wood, from 1/8" through some burls that are 1.5" thick and very seldom break a blade. The PGT blades are practically indestructable.
                  I'm all for some "new" technology in blade construction--regardless of who makes them. Good luck avoiding the "my blade vs your blade" thing we always get into here.
                  Old Mooner


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                    I pretty much agree with you Toni. I think folks should try different tools to find out what meets their needs. For my portraits, I've found a particular blade that I'm happy with. I'm still searching for a blade that I'll be happy with for thick hardwoods as I'm cutting more and more of this type stuff (1 - 2 inchish) so I just ordered several different types of blades from several different manufactures (vendors?) to see which I prefer. Hopefully I'll find one that I like, I've tried a couple so far (#9 Skip tooth from Olson, #7 SR from FD), but am still searching. Before folks recommend #12 blades from anyone, I know these will cut the stuff, but they won't make the turns I need. I'm also with you in that I rarely break a blade, regardless of mfg.

                    Scrollsaw Patterns Online
                    Making holes in wood with an EX-30, Craftsman 16" VS, Dremel 1680 and 1671


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                      I am NOT going to mention any brands here either- buttttttt -- I don't break blades like I use to since I learned the problem was easy fixed on my part but I have to tell you guys that some of the blade are double sided and can be turn around and you get double life out of them- I was given a dozen of olsons crown tooth blades and really liked them for that reason and because I liked the clean cut- altho they don't last long-and since I had a lot of the others I didn't buy more. now after using a ton of blades and wishing I could flip it over and get double life out of it I did find that the two way blade is exactly what I wanted. when one blade goes dull just flip it end up and use the other end and it is double life on one blade.. Granted I do wish blades would last a lot longer but this does help me a lot.. I just wonder if any of you guys have discovered it yet.


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                        Old Mooner, Sharon - thanks for the replies.

                        The freedom to discuss other blades is one we need and I appreciate the positive input into the topic of these blades.

                        I wasn't aware the "gold" series blades were around for some time, but relived to know I wasn't the only person who has used them.


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                          Good topic Toni.
                          I had never heard of the gold Olson's either and I thought I had tried just about everything before I found what I feel are the best blades on the market but they were not mentioned here yet . I didn't realize they were that well a kept secret.
                          For info on those blades that I use exclusively anyone can feel free to email me at [email protected]

                          I didn't mention any brand names apart from Olson golds

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                            i've tried Pegas and couldn't get them to cut, the Olsens are noisy. i'm sticking
                            with my Flying Dutchman blades. just my .02


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