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  • For the Sitting Scrollers....

    Hi... as a beginning scroller, I have a question.

    Last night I went over to a buddies house and we did some scrolling. I did my 1st compound scrolling from "128 compound scroll saw patterns" by S.Keener (Sorry if this a No No). Pg # 11 Wolf and Eagle. Not a great deal of detail but it came out very nice. Took about an hour on VS delta 16in SS. Wanting to get comfortable and in the habit, I tried to sit on a stool that was 25" high and the SS table was 47" off the floor. This felt awkward and uncomfortable at best. If I stand straight I am 5'10"ish. Where should the table line up and how straight should my back be to be able to do this for longer periods of time?? Or am I placing to much emphasis on comfort? BTW I only broke 1 blade. It was "Alaskan Cedar" I'll try to post a pic or 2 later.

    Thanks for any ideas in advance.


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    I like my back very straight when I scroll, and also I have 2x4s under the back end of the saw to tilt it towards me, which is very helpful. It's just about 6 inches too high on a kitchen table, but as you see below Sharon has hers on an end table which works fine for her What I would do is sit in the most comfortable chair you can work from, measure a couple inches over your legs, and go from there! (If you want your chair to go under the table, that is)


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      Marc -- comfort is a MUST - if you get yourself to hurting you won't enjoy yourself and besides if your hurting you tend to make mistakes then too.And isn't this all about enjoying ourself?
      Besides making gifts and a few dollars never hurt anyones feeling either.
      If you have your saw to where you can have your arms down to your side and bend at the elbow it will be strain on you. you can get as close to your work as you want but rember to take breaks . keep your back as straight as what is possible for you- don't over extend yourself in height or arms length and you'd be surprised how much more comfortable you will feel and it will take a long time to wear you down .Its cool when you have someone to scroll with you -I really enjoy it when my son comes in my shop to spend quality time with me.


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        One physiotherapist once explained to me that whenever you are sitting you should sit at a height where your knees and hips are at 90degree angles. How you hands should be in relation to the table I couldn't say for you as I have to make allowances for myself. I just set my chair at a height (office swivel chair) that is right for me and this means I have to have my footswitch set into a footstool. For me it helps tremendously isf I make myself sit up straight. Can scroll for much longer.
        Cheers. Teresa .


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          I am a "sitter" when I saw and I can tell you that the forum's advice on this subject is good as far as it goes but, once again, it is going to be personal comfort and preference that rules the day. I use an adjustable "bar stool" that is usually about 26-27" in height. I also have the rear legs of my saw stand up about 4" in the back to make the saw tilt toward me. I realize the advice from the orthopedists or whatever about the 90 degree body angles is most likely correct, but I doubt they have ever used shop tools. The height of my seat and the angle of my saw puts me in a sort of "sitting stance" where I can use my foot switch, lean back into the seat, and have the saw table in a position wherein I do not have to reach up to the table or bend over for long periods of time. Everyone has their own comfort levels and physical limits--I don't see how anyone can stand and use a scrollsaw for any period of time, but they do. You gotta get comfortable. If your arms, shoulders, and/or back hurt from sawing, then you are doing something wrong.
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            I just tried raising the back of my stand about 4" and it seems to work great for me!! Thanks! I had lower back surgery in July. If I sit with a straight back I can scroll for hours, but if I start to lean over saw then it shortens my 'comfortable' sawing time. My stand is homemade (from Wood mag.) and added a footrest, as I am 6'5".

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              I use a home made three legged stool with no back at all on it.
              My saw came complete with a heavy duty three legged stand and the back leg is in two pieces with holes drilled in it for using it anywhere from flat to raised in a variety of angles. I have mine raised a couple inches on the back leg.
              I find the most comfortable position is to have the stool height adjusted so that your elbows are even with the level of the saw's table while you are sawing. Being a home made stool I just made the legs long and then cut them down to achieve the height I wanted.
              For occasional scrolling there is generally some tension and aches and pains when being away from it and going back. But after scrolling on an almost daily basis I can go for hours on end with my particular setup and there is no more discomfort than watching TV.

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                Thanks for all the reponses.
                I have to try some of the ideas mentioned. Another question comes up. It sounds as though the table height is about the height of your Navel give or take an inch. Is this assumption right? I tried various positions both sitting and standing and that is the one constant I found in both cases. Thanks, Marc.


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