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Making thin wood or veneers

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  • Making thin wood or veneers

    I resaw my own woods for making large fretwork clocks. Has anyone any suggestions for a wide belt drum sander? King is one brand of sander I have seen, Performax 16-32 drum sander is more expensive, is it worth it? any other suggestions? north wood clocks

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    I love my performax 16/32. Its not a necessity, but it sure makes life easier. Worth every penny in my book. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      My 16?32 sander is one of those cloned Taiwanese ones which works just fine. As for comparisons with Performax I don't Know but I would not be without my one.

      Rhys H.


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        Sander Plans

        I haven't used a commercial thickness sander before but I have come across some plans.

        From other discussions I have had with people it seems a sander with the drum on the top and an adjustable table is better than the table with a drum protruding through the top.
        The latter is ok for surface sanding but does not allow uniform thickness.
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          The 2 that I've been debating between are the Performax and the Delta. From all my reading and research, I'm going with the Performax.
          FWIW, I use a sled on my planer now for planing down to very thin thicknesses, I've planed as thin as 3/32" without issue.

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            Thank you

            Thank you , thank each of you (Dale, Rhys H, Carl, and Keven) for taking the time to answer my query about making thin woods or veneers. I was looking to make 3/32 wood for a project. I really appreciated the web page suggestions from "Canadian Scroller". Very interesting. Thanks again for the help.
            I eventually took some very strait grain wood and got it very close with
            out buying a new machine this time.

            north wood clocks


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              cool! and that was cheaper then either of the two sanders you were considering! More money for wood!
              Dale w/ yella saws


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