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Converting Bench Grinder into a sander

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  • Converting Bench Grinder into a sander

    I plan to Convert my bench grinder into drum a sander.

    I will remove the wheels and put a 1/2" chuck on it. In the chuck, I could either put a sanding drum, Flap sander or a flex shaft.

    The shaft on the grinder mesure 1/2" so I will put a chuck from LeeValley part #68K05.01 (only 7.50$ US or 10$ CAN). My grinder turns at 3400 RPM. I believe it is a bit fast. Anyone have an opinion on this?

    If it is too fast, I might have to mount pulley on the arbor to drive a mandrel (LeeValley 68K01.01)with a larger pulley on it.Here is a good link for determinig Pulley speed.
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    My production model drum sander turns at 1300 rpm through pulleys. I suspect that you will have problems of overheating at 3400 rpm.

    Rhys H.


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      I have been advised that a drum sander should not turn faster than 1800 RPM.

      -Just do'in the best I can every day


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        I will use a motor instead of a grinder

        I will use a motor instead of a grinder. I found a 1730 RPM, 1/3 HP and will connect a 3 setps pulley to lower the speed while having variable speed.
        All this will be mounted on a 5/8 mandrel on wich I will screw a 1/2 R.H. drill chuck. Thanks for your advices.
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