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    I want to buy a foot switch for my scroll saw. Woodcraft has a pneumatic switch that is shrouded so it would be difficult to accidently activate, and has the electrical connection off the floor to avoid dust getting in the switch. Essentially, the switch is a rubber bulb inside a shroud, with tubing that runs to the power head. Stepping on the bulb sends a puff of air to the actual switch which can be mounted as much as 10 feet away.

    Does anyone have any experience with this switch? Other suggestions for a foot activated switch that would not be terribly affected by sawdust?

    Hope this is permitted here...if not, please edit or delete and I'll repost w/o the link. The item I am wonderin about is found at

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    Joe try any of the woodcraft supply catalogs-most have a foot switch in them made for scroll saws .I don't know what brand saw you have but I have a craftsman and luckly the switch is up front on top which is really easy for me to turn on or off.but I personally don't think I would like to have to hunt on the floor for a switch to turn my saw off. I have seen them that have the foot control but so far as I can recall all they do is control on and off and not the speed.


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      Joe-- I looked at the switch on the link and I would advise to staY away from it.. seems funny to control elesticitttttttyyy with a poof of air- never heard of such a foolish idea in my life.. Check out the others before you buy please for your own saftey.
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        Both Woodcraft and Wildwood Designs offer a nice footswitch for about $25. I purchased mine at Woodcraft, I spend 20 - 30 hrs. a week on the saw and have never had an issue with the switch due to sawdust. I'd be lost without the footswitch, probably the best investment I ever made in scrolling.

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          foot switches.

          Hi hey a catalog that has the foot switches for cheap. in their catalog called Woodworker's for Jan 2006 they have them for $!6.99 and $17.49 Page 56 I have one of the momentary foot switch which is kind a like what a sewing machine has and i like it alot better then the on/off footswitch cause I have more control with the momentaty foot switch the other kind of foot switch i had was you step on the pedal and the saw starts running fast right away then you have to step on the switch again to stop the saw from running I didn't like that kind So I got one of the Momentary switches i like it better cause you just step down on it like the gas pedal of a car to start your saw then if you let up or take you foot off this foot pedal switch the saw stops right now. So i have more control over what I'm cutting. I also Have a glass grinder foot switch on my old Craftsman pinned Bladed scroll saw. It is just like sawing machine foot pedal or a momentary foot switch. I got it from The Glass warehouse. www.glasswarehouse,com. Hope this infomation can help anyone.
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