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  • Tools-Ryobi,Sears& Grizzly

    Has anybody have seen and or heard reviews for the Ryobi planer for $200.00 and the new Sears bandsaw for $ 300.00, and the Grizzly surface sander.
    I wonder if any of these are worth purchasing. The pricing seems reasonable but.. Any comments would be appreciated. Bob
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    Craftsman Bandsaw

    I haven't seen the new Sears bandsaw yet; however, if it's as good as the one I have it's a great saw for the money. I bought a 12 inch Craftsman bandsaw back in 1980 in Philadelphia and used it for years. It was stored in my garage for about eight years until I moved it down to my shop a couple of weeks ago. It still looks and runs like new. As I remember I paid about $300.00 for the saw and stand back then so if the new saw is comparable to to the old model I would say it's worth the money. This is just based on my experience and not an endorsement..... but I do love the saw!!!!
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      Sorry, I havent really heard anything about each spacific tool you mentioned.As for ryobi in general, its a 50/50 for me, I have a ryobi scrollsaw I didnt care for, and I have their oscillating spindle sander that I reall like. For sears,I have their router table which is ok, two craftsman routers ,one of which needed service twice, and I have two of their older contractor tablesaws,one I like, and the other I dont care for.I have heard great comments on their mitersaws, however I havent ever used that. So for craftsman, Im batting about .500. Grizzly, I have a grizzly jointer, which I love, and two grizzly wood lathes which I like really well as well. So Id give grizzly the thumbs up for sure.

      (My planer is a Ridgid, I like very well,my bandsaw a Jet,I like it as well, and my Performax I simply Love! )
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Ryobi planer

        I have had a Ryobi planer for about 15 years and it has served me well. It is a smaller 10" model, but works great on a variety of material. I know some people don't like Ryobi tools, but this one has been worth it for me.


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