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    Anyone know how easy/difficult cheap/expensive it would be to replace bearings in a old ShopSmith? I got it from my wife's uncle (not a monkey see Lion King) for free (save gas for transport) and I am wondering should I attempt to fix it or scrap it. It also appears to have come with a scrollsaw attachment.

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    You should be able to replace those bearings. Shop Smith (made in the USA) is making their tools the same way they started making them--attachments that you buy today will still fit the base unit. I'd check out their website at

    The guys at Shopsmith are great to work with! They are really enthusatic about what they do.

    i'll see if I can't get somebody from Shopsmith to stop in and address your questions directly!

    I'm in the process of reviewing the shopsmith scrollsaw as we speak. I'm working on the blade-feeding issue, but I love the fact that there is NO vibration!



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      Carter just came out with a guide kit. Here is their response to me:

      "Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we do have a kit just recently
      designed and not featured on our website yet. It is the kit # SHSM-11."

      Hope that helps. This kit is in addition to the stabilizer they make for the Shopsmith bandsaw.


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