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  • Sliding miter saw

    In a previous post I asked some questions about keeping my radial arm saw or not and who's using a table saw to cut blanks. I just saw something that's been out for awhile but I never thought about it. A sliding miter saw. These are really neat and have an effective blade guard so as a klutz I feel safer. With a 12" blade. it'll cut up to 12 3/4 wide and 4" high. The majority of my cuts are 1/8 to 1 1/2 by up to 12"wide, so I bought one. If I need to cut something wider, I'll use the table saw. I'm kissing my radial arm saw goodbye. Anyone else using the sliding saw?


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    That is on my I WANT BAD list-- first is a band saw _I think a sliding miter makes more sence than a simple chop saw -- I mean you can even miter the whole side and no need to worry about cutting my finger ( again ) .I have gotten to hate turning my table saw on because I always seem to get blood on things when I use it
    Proud you got your sliding miter --now I ll just sigh hard as I dream of when I can afford one.. ( deep breath -- sighhhhh )


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      I don't see the need for a radial arm saw either. I've got a SIP "red-eye" 10" sliding compound mitre saw and it's just the job for trimming boards. Even the laser is accurate, and at £135 ($239) it certainly didn't break the bank.

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        Yes, I have a makita 10 inch sliding compound miter saw (LS1013). Its a valuable addition to your shop, especially on those roof angles on the bigger clocks.With this, and a tablesaw, I have no use for a radial arm saw.
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          I got my radial arm saw for free, my mitre saw I got as a birthday gift.
          The sliding mitre sounds like it fits the gap for many things.

          Funny when I was younger I used to want to accumulate a mass of tools. Now I am starting to see the value in properly selected tools.

          The forum is full of good advice on tool selection. I wish my friends were all members so they would know what to buy me
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            Miter Saw

            Carl...I have a small Proxxon table saw that I do all my small miters on but I do all my big stuff with the saw pictured in the attachment. I used a power compound miter saw for a long time but could never get corners that fit together perfectly. This one is a little more work but it does a fine job and not too expensive.
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              I know this an older thread but I just got one need to crow a bit. I to got tired of setting up the table saw when I went to cut blanks. I have to measure the fence off everytime I change and I can't cut anything to long. So I went and bi tthe bullet and got what I wanted. Got a 12" sliding compound saw that cuts out to 13 1/2". Talk about sweet! Cut out a single 8x10 in seconds. Smooth and splinter free. Mark, cut, done. Only thing I have to do is cut my sheets down from 5x5 into 14" strips and thats it and I had to do that before anyway. If can get one get it. It'll save alot of prep time and I might venture into my own frames soon because of the accuracy,old 10" was wore out.
              I got a recon. Rigid from the Home Depot website for about $350 + s/h. Comes with 60T blade and laser,its off by about 3/16" but I think they all are. Wouldn't use it anyway. I couldn't pass up the price for what I got. Basically got it half price with warrenty to boot.
              Get one and try it, you'll wonder how ya' did with out.
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                I have a 8 1/2" Hitachi for work and a 10" Hitachi with laser for home. Awesome and accurate!

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