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    Hi All ~
    Has anyone got any suggestions about mounting a saw to reduce the vibration ? I am thinking about putting a carpet pad between my saw, Dremel 1680, then 3/4 " plywood under the pad next to the legs of the saw. Would this help or is there another way of mounting it ? I have a wooden work bench I could mount the saw on if it would be better than the stand the saw came with. Mounting it to the floor is not an option. I need to be able to move the saw out of my garage to cut with it. Thanks for any hints or suggestons you may have.
    Tony .

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    There have been several threads on this topic.

    There is a plan going around for a sandfilled based that will reduce vibration.
    The stand is just a box with a floating lid. the box is filled with sand and the lid slips over bolts. The bolts fatsen to the saw. As the saw vibrates the sand settles and the bolts are tightened. eventually the sand doesnt settle any more and the vibration is reduced.
    This whole box can be placed on a bench or bolted down.

    I am a firm believer that increasing the mass will reduce the vibration.
    A carpet or mat just isolates the saw from the table and does not really reduce vibration. Something like motor mounts in a car. the motor vibrates the car doesnt.

    I will see if I can scrounge up the plan. If you are interested just email me.
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      I agree with Carl. Although I've never made a sand box due to the generous donation of a marble slab that cured my vibration problems, I do have plans for one here and here. I bet those plans look familiar, Carl .

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        There is a plan for a scroll saw sandbox in Poplar Mechanics Workshop
        Scrollsaw Fundamentals The Complete Guide by Rick Peters.
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          FWIW, If one lacks many tools or much woodworking experience, Gill's certainly seems simpler.



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