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    Is there a place on this message to place wanted and for sale posts for tools and machinery? If not, why not? Newbies and oldies constantly look for great deals on used or nearly new equipment. By the way, I am making a day trip to Highland Hardware in Atlanta, Ga. Anyone been there? I'm looking forward to browsing and possibly buying some goodies.

    Rob Banks

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    CLASSIFIED thread

    I agree, It would be great if there was a permanent CLASSIFIED thread where we could buy and sell used tools etc. on this forum.
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      I think a category called "For Sale or Trade" or, perhaps, "Trading Post", would be interesting, but I gotta tell you I don't think Fox Chapel (or anyone responsible) is going to go for it. Buying and selling over the net, sight unseen, is shakey at best and a nightmare at worst. Who is going to guarantee the honesty of either the buyer or seller? I can forsee the potential for some bad feelings. Now, before some thin-skinned individual jumps right in the middle of me for accusing them of potential crookery and/or dishonesty, let me tell you that people will be people, even in a great group such as this, and there is a potential for disruption/hard feelings. Another thing that can occur is that commercial concerns will hear of the forum and see it as a possible profit-making endeavor. Don't tell me they can't become members either, because they can. Are any of us sure the others in this forum are who they say they are? I might be a "little old lady in tennis shoes".
      I still like the idea if it could be made to work.
      Old Mooner


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        All good points Mooner.

        I agree that a trading post is a good idea, but I am also leery.

        It is easy to ruffle feathers online. One of the reasons emoticons evolved was to show sarcasm etc.

        Maybe a classified thread could contain private email links and a disclaimer.
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          I don't know how the admins feel, but it is nice to know when someone that you have some experience with is selling something you might want. Online "experiences" can give you some insight after a while. I wouldn't object to someone who has been a member for a while making "real" posts indicated they were selling personally owned woodworking equipment. But it is hard to open it up to that and not get every importer from ebay.


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            I've been mulling this idea for a while, and really came to the same conclusion that OM did. We can have a standard disclaimer that resolves Fox Chapel of all the responsibility, but how do I keep out commercial advertisers?

            I'm still mulling it over, I've got a few ideas, but I want to be sure before I start the section.

            Bob Duncan
            Scroll Saw Workshop


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              Here is my opinion and have seen this on other sites. Things for sale have to be woodworking related, being tools, wood, materials, and such. No skis, clothing,dishware and such, no web sites, no services and such. This can be set up on a trial basis and if it gets out of hand Bob just pull the plug. If something is questionable delete it with the understanding a email was sent to the seller stating the reason. I know you will get into questions when it comes to selling books or magazines or even plans. You can omit them too if you want. This basically is a scroll sawing site and the members here should realize that. This is not ebay, turners site, carvers site, sewing site and such so it should not be too hard to control. Just my opinion mind you. You go to most of these sites that have this feature and it hardly gets used.
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              John T.


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                Sorry, but things like this are not that easy.

                A decision like this requires careful planning--the reputation of not only the message board but also Scroll Saw Workshop and Fox Chapel Publishing is tied up in this.

                It's my responsibility to think this through the whole way--and that is a fact, not an opinion!

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                  What's the difference between somebody posting that they have an item for sale and somebody showing their website where they are selling their work?
                  An ad or thread stating "I have a scrollsaw for sale. If interested, e-mail or PM me" would get dialog started between the two parties. I could click on the links in a few people's posts here and buy from them. If I have a problem there is it SSW's problem? I had some problems with an order from someone here, but SSW and nobody here ever knew about it.(And I ain't tellin' since it was resolved between us!) I would hope that all those who post here are adult enough to settle the problem between themselves without posting it here unless absolutely necessary, and then only as a warning to others.
                  But I have been wrong before.

                  There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                    The more I think about it, this may be just a tempest in a teapot. I frequent a much higher volume general woodworking forum that has a classifieds section and there is occasionally junk in it that the admin deletes, but I doubt it is even one junk post a week. There is someone posting about wood for sale on this board now.


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                      Wouldn't vendors reach a bigger market if they sold through eBay?

                      There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
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                        For Sale

                        Well I will stick my 2 cents worth in as I do buy from some of the venders on veryous nets that I visit.
                        What has to be done is set up ground rules, First you must be a member of this net. You can not advertise any thing from E-Bay. These things you sell must be your own, and not some comershial store. It must be related to some kind of wood working, scroll saw. intirsa, woodturning ect. All answers to adds must be handled by E-Mail, no exceptions.
                        If a bad add shows up from John Doe, the word will soon get around and that person may as well hang it up as no one will buy fron hih/her.
                        I will grant you I have had a coupel of bad buys,but you can bet I let it be knowen and you can bet britches I will not buy from that person again ever.
                        Like I said 2 cents worth.
                        Just Charlie & Betsy


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                          When I started my Woodworking Friends Site last May I was asked if I could add a buy/sell board to the site.
                          So I posted a poll on it and just a couple were in disagreement and the rest that voted were in agreement. So I added it and I have never once got an advertisment in it that was contrary to the
                          **Guidlines For Buy/Sell Board**
                          that is a locked message at the top of it.
                          My site is very well monitored as is this one and between me an my moderator we see every message posted on all nine boards in my site. In order for anyone to post a message in it they have to first become a member. If they don't abide by the rules of the site they become history .
                          I made a purchase from it myself and many others have .
                          There was a new posting there just today with some excellent tools for sale at great prices.
                          This is just a suggestion so if it is of any help here, I have posted below what the rules are for my Buy/Sell board..
                          Perhaps a Buy/Sell board would require more legal jargin as a disclaimer than I have when it is supported by a magazine but I have never had a problem with it. It it ever became a problem I would just delete that board .I have found my members to be very courteous in following the rules of the board.

                          Woodworking Friends :: General :: Buy and Sell. , . , . Please Read Guide Lines Before Posting :: Guide Lines For Buy / Sell Board

                          Author Topic: Guide Lines For Buy / Sell Board (Read 116 times)
                          William Young

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                          Guide Lines For Buy / Sell Board
                          « Thread Started on Jun 5, 2005, 4:10pm »

                          This board is strictly for posting something wanted to buy or sell of woodworking related tools, accessories etc. that pertains to the woodworking boards in this site.
                          Links to multi sales sites whether commercial or private will not be allowed on this board and will be removed except for if it is a link directly related to the article for sale on this board..

                          Pictures and description and prices are allowed . Please follow up by either PM or by email for particulars and final arranging of the sale or purchase rather than doing it here. This board is just for placing your buy/sell ad and follow up is to be done off site.
                          Please edit your post if the article has been found or if it has been sold by marking it as such.

                          Buy/sell articles over two months old will be deleted just in case they have been bought or sold and they have not informed the moderator to remove them.
                          They can however be re-posted if necessary.

                          Administrators and/or moderators of this site are not and will not be in any way involved in any persons transactions here except in a case where it is their own transaction.

                          Please be courteous and abide by the guide lines of this board.
                          William Young


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                            The website team and the editorial team have tabled the decision on the for sale section. There are just too many variables, and several team members have concerns that need to be addressed before we can proceed with this. So in the interim, I'd suggest that members look to other places to sell their products online.

                            One thought (aside from e-bay, etc.) is that classified ads in SSW are $1.30 a word--for that price, you can reach the whole readership of the magazine, not just the people who frequent the forum...

                            Just a thought--Before coming to SSW, I worked in the newspaper industry, and found that classified ads are VERY effective--the three most read parts of the paper are the front page, the obituaries, and the classified ads!



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                              I had a friend who read the obits, faithfully, that way he knew if he was still alive enough to go to work each day

                              I like the classified idea, I hadn't thought of it before.
                              CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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