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How close a tolerance should a DW788 be?

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  • How close a tolerance should a DW788 be?

    I love my DW788 but can't get the blade squared, using a small square on the left side looking at the saw. The other side is perfectly square. I tried two different straight edges across the table and both straight edges rocked on the left side. Then I cut into a 1x6, actually 3/4" thick piece of fir and tried to insert the kerf in from the back side. Almost went but almost only works in horseshoes. Tomorrow, I'm bringing the table back to the place I bought the saw from and am going to exchange for the table on their floor unit. It hasn't been used. They tell me that their's has a extreamly minor bow and that because the table is cast, tables will always be off a little.

    Is this true on a Dewalt DW788?

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    Hard to believe that the table is bowed unless it was damaged after finishing, since it is a machined surface. Go to and check out the DeWalt tune-up section.

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      I am sorry I do not follow what you are saying. Did you put a straight edge across the table and you see a dip of some sort. If that is the case then by all means the table is defective. If you can not get the blade 90 degrees to the table then we might be able to help there. Please explain more. After rereading your post I see you must have used a straight edge. They are cast but the tops are then machined down to flatness thus the swirls in the table top.
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        I will check both of mine tomarrow,but I think you have a bad machines surface.
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          Yes, I put a 12" straight edge across the table from left to right with the 6" mark at the blade opening. If you looked at the table top with a light behind it, you could see light between the straight edge and table top on the left side. If you pushed on the left end of the staight edge it would rock downward. I'm not sure what the gap is, but I know the straight edge shouldn't rock but should be solid from side to side. I don't see this as a tune up item because I don't know how you'd tune up a defective table top. However, I'll check out the tune up article just to be sure I'm not missing something.


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