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This is my X-mas gift for you guys

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  • This is my X-mas gift for you guys

    A Zero-Tolerance scroll saw table top plan you can build in 1 evening.

    Send me an e-mail and I will send you a copy...

    It is a PDF file. print it, share it and most of all, ENJOY BUILDING IT AND USING IT.

    Due to the numerous amound of people who sent me request for me to e-mail them a copy, the editors of SSWS might reconsider editing it in the magazine.
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    You might build a Zero-Tolerance scroll saw table top plan but how about blades with reverse teeth. Would they still work to eliminate fuzz?
    SD Mike


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      Reverse tooth are not always required.

      Reverse tooth are not always required.

      This is why my zero tolerance table top plan is so interresting. In case you need to work with reverse tooth, the table top can be removed.

      Install it or remove it without tool, in a blink of an eye and without adjustment. It is always at the perfect place and snugging the surface. Too bad I can't post the attachment yet. Once it is there you will see.
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        I got an e-mail copy of the plans and...

        ...this is a neat auxilliary top. He has designed it to keep from moving forward, backward or sideways and even uses the scroll saw to make it. If you have a steel top now the design calls for rare earth magnets to keep the auxilliary top snug to the saw top as well.

        Boogatoo has a good design and I appreciate his Cristmas present.

        Thanks, boogatoo



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          Did that I my Hegner years ago. Just a piece of 1/8" thick baltic birch plywood with stops glued underneath to center it on the top. Pulls off when needed. Found I like it on there and it hasn't been off.
          John T.


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            Boogatoo, I tried e-mailing you to request a copy of the .pdf and got it kicked back with the message "Spam filter message initialization failure". Would you please send me a copy of the file. Thanx.

            . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
            visit sometime
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              Thanks for the plans

              Thanks for the plans. You obviously took a lot of time to make them very clear. Good work!

              I will be making the tabletop in January or February. I'm going to try to make it larger than the scroll saw's table so I can support large pieces more easily.



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                What a great idea. You've certainly put a lot of thought into this. Your explanations were clear and the pictures illustrated the process step by step. Profession tech manual writers should take a lesson from you. I didn't have any problem downloading the pdf. Thanks for the christmas present.



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                  Send me one


                  A Zero-Tolerance scroll saw table top plan sounds pretty cool. Is it better than just taping down a playing card? That's what I usually do..



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                    Thanks for the zero tolerance table top plans.
                    I liked the detailed explanations and pictures.
                    I will probably put one together after the Holidays.
                    Delta P-20


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                      thanks so much for the plans. its a great idea and the plans were well documented with good photos. i'll give it a try after xmas. thanks again.


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                        To all of you whom I e-mailed the plans...

                        I hope you will display comments and pictures of your work on the forum once you've done it.
                        Once completeted, I can assure you guys that this will become part of your standard equipment.

                        Now, I am giving you guys a chalenge. If you have improvment to propose, go ahead and do them then post them on the forum.

                        Happy new year!


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                          Added Benefit

                          Well, after looking at the plans once I thought the added height would be 1". A mighty hefty jump in height. Then I looked at the plans again and saw it would only be ~1/4" due the hardwood.

                          Here is my suggestion. Take the plywood copy of your tabletop that would be 'waste' and do the following. Be careful and don't take out large sections when you do this. Cut out a few small curves that mimic your lip. You need a minimum of four for this add-on. Cut and sand them so they are flush with your lip (must be prior the chamfer step) . Glue and Clamp these to your existing lip. Take what remains of your plywood copy and cut 1/8" notches on directly opposite sides of the blocks for REMs. Now these blocks can be used to 'raise' your table 3/4" which if you have a 3/4" stroke can double your blade life since you are now cutting on 'virgin' blade.

                          Forgive me it is almost 2am and I really shouldn't be typing at this hour, much less scrolling.

                          Then again if you weren't such a scrooge when it comes to projects you could just use the full waste top for your raise and cut some fresh pieces for the lip extensions.

                          Confused? Don't be, because I am.

                          If I had a picture of that waste table top I could do a better job explaining it.
                          Sawdust King

                          If there is one thing I can make perfect every time it is sawdust.


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                            Thanks for the plans. Looks like a great addition. Look forward to trying it. Ray


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                              Thanks for the Plans I am not ready to build one yet as I am just starting but I will keep for the futcher. Thanks again.
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