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  • Bad Basswood

    I just started carving a rose for the little bride and I have ran in to some,what I call bad wood. It splinters and the knife just does not leave a crisp edge and it slides through the wood a little to easy. The Knife is razor sharp so it isn't that the knife is dull.Was wonder if HI HO's method of spraying it will work on this. I noticed the rest of the block is the same. Maybe just older than normal wood.
    Another question. A friend has some LAMP carving tools and does anyone have them or know anything about them as I am not familar with them.Thanks in advance
    Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks

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    Re: Bad Basswood

    Bad wood: Try spraying it with WD-40, works on butternut ... will take a couple of days for it to evaporate so you can't tell it was there.

    Lamp tools: I've got a couple and like them just fine, no real difference between them and Pfiel or Stubai.


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      Re: Bad Basswood

      I am afraid wd 40 will stain it! Try the rubbing alcohol first, you won't have lost anything....just use a small perfume sprayer and 'spritz' some on, it dries fast, but you will notice a difference in the wood....


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        Re: Bad Basswood

        Lamp brand carving tools are manufactured in Germany. They are hand forged at Rockwell hardness (Rc 61-63). They are usually shipped varnished to resist rusting. The handles are usually made from hornbeam wood. A major retalier for Lamp is I have a set of lamp tools and like them a lot. You can check out their web site for more information. Of course if I could get them to carve as well as some of the other carvers that post here I would like them a whole lot more..... :-/


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          Re: Bad Basswood---

          Re. your bad wood, is it heart wood? You may have some punky heartwood and carving it with the aid of alcohol may help, but it's still bad wood and may not hold detail or have much strength. If you can dent it easily with your fingernail, it's probably just bad wood. I've run into several pieces like that, and they're right from the center of the tree. An inch toward the bark it starts to get better and two inches away it's fine.


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            Re: Bad Basswood

            If you haven't gotten too far along with that wood, switch before it is too late. It's your valuable time and you may be working on a masterpiece!

            The Lamp tools are outstanding! I love mine and have never found any that are better.


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              Re: Bad Basswood

              Thanks all for your replies.
              Hi Ho, tried your method and it helped some.Maybe just soak the darn thing or drink the alcohol myself, well not the rubbing kind. :P Frustrated with the wood for sure. To late to stop as I kept on at it and the project is almost done. Details are not what I would consider great but hope to clean it up some more. Problem is I have several big pieces of this would I got from Big Cabin Ok. I will continue to to use it up. Maybe in the fireplace. .

              Woodenleg, thanks for the vote of confidence but no one has ever said my carving were masterpieces but have a little darling of a Granddaughter who thinks my carving are prettiful. That is all that matters.
              Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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                Re: Bad Basswood

                BTW, Thanks for the replies on the LAMP tools. My friends look nice and he likes them. Will try them out.
                Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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                  Re: Bad Basswood

                  Hey guys, I'm glad I read this post, even though I haven't had any bad basswood, just pieces that carve a little harder than others but the detail always seems to work out well. Of course, starting carving on the end of 2x4's does make all basswood seem wonderful by comparison!!
                  Anyhow, the reason I'm glad I read this is the discussion of Lamp Brand tools. I've been looking at (drooling over) some micro tools of theirs, didn't know about buying them because they are pretty pricey since you have to buy them in the set. Sure look nice in the pictures!! Think I'll have to start dropping some hints to Santa! Callynne


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