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Taking back Delta SS350, Getting Dewalt DW788

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  • Taking back Delta SS350, Getting Dewalt DW788

    Well, here's the story... I couldn't figure out why i couldn't keep my blade attatched to the top Quick Clamp. Thought it was slipping out. This was driving me nuts. Then the light went off. What was happening was the Quick Clamp lever wouldn't stay closed and would keep popping open. Finally, it wouldn't stay closed at all. So tomorrow off I go to Lowes to return the Delta and then by a Dewalt.

    However, I'm not sure where to buy it. The best price I found locally is $440 with no stand. Grizzly Indstrial on the net has it with the stand and light for $419 but not sure if it's new or refurb. I'll know tomorrow. The nice thing about buying closeby is that if there is a problem, I know it'll be taken care of well AND I'll have it TOMORROW. Bottom line... I'm getting what the big boys and girls are using. Now all I have to do is learn to scroll like you experts.

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    I have a Delta P-20 and had the same problem " clamps poping open " so I called Delta and they sent me a new clamp it worked just fine then the other one started doing the same so another call and a new clamp. So far they have worked OK.

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