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Wood Toxicity?

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  • Wood Toxicity?

    I want to make a few spoons out of some of the more exotic woods - spoons for kitchen use, not decorative wall hangers. I know that some woods can be toxic if you breathe in the dust. Are there any woods I should avoid for these spoons due to possible toxicity risks?


    BTW, I'm going to the Viking Woodcarvers show tomorrow in St. Paul. Can't wait!!

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    Re: Wood Toxicity?

    wear a mask and consider them all toxic! then you are safe, you never really woodburning basswood really bothers me, and anymore cutting anything on a saw, the dust bothers advice for what its worth...wear a mask! I should have add, that I think we build up an intolerance to it after awhile.


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      Re: Wood Toxicity?

      Thanks for the reply. However, I was meaning toxic for use in cooking. I pretty much always wear a paper mask when I'm making dust in an enclosed area.


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        Re: Wood Toxicity?

        well if you wear a mask while eating you will be alright too! LOL


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          Re: Wood Toxicity?

          Excellent opportunity for the 'mother in law test'. Make several spoons, each of different wood you are worried about and give them your mother in law one at a time about 3 weeks apart. Take the previous one back each time because your just not happy with it and wanted to give her a better one. Don't eat her cooking for awhile, maybe your on a diet. If she's OK your OK, if not keeping trying until you identify safe woods and unsafe woods. If she gets real sick maybe just take that spoon back and give it a rest for awhile. Good Luck
          Ah Chip
          PS: A wooden spoon story. I garden big in the summer, make and can several hot pepper sauces each fall. A favorite is Habanero Applesauce, great marinate for pork chops. Made a batch one time. About 5 weeks later we have in-laws over for breakfast after church, big bunch 9 brothers and sisters, 34 grandkids, house full. The spoon that stired the Habanero sauce got use to stir oatmeal. Its the first time I ever ate oatmeal that made sweat drip off my ears.


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            Re: Wood Toxicity?

            I wondered the same thing so I did a google search and found lots of sites with lists. One that was fairly easy to understand was . There are probably more comprehensive sites out there but this answered my question. Anything that listed the wood as a source of reaction is out. I can't use Ah Chip's test, my mother-in-law is a very nice woman who lives 2000 miles away. Don


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              Re: Wood Toxicity?

              Thanks for the replies folks! Don, I will investigate that website.

              Ah Chip, you are a wise man. Solomon would not have done better.


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