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To lubricate a blade

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  • To lubricate a blade

    Having to cut 1" tick very hard wood (bloodwood) I have been adviced to but 2" packaging tape on the piece of wood.

    This is a good idea but as the tape lubricates the blade when it the blade cuts through the tape, it only lubricate 3/8" each sides leaving 1/4" not lubricated in the wood. Exactly where it generates the heat.

    Instead I used the OLSON Saw Blade Lubricant. This is a hard wax stick shaped like a big 1" x 8" crayon. Just push the wax stick into the running blade so the teeth are throroughly coated. The wax will flow when saw blade becomes warm. The cut is clean, smouth, faster and much less burned.

    I bought it for about 6$.
    Product name: Saw Blade Lubricant
    Olsen Part number : OL-7001
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    Good tip boogatoo!
    I think I mentioned soap as a lubricant on here before but I am not sure how that would effect the finishing process.
    For $6 I think the wax would be a better choice
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      Soap is not good as it attract humidity

      Soap is not good as it attract humidity. This is also the reason why you would wax the screws instead of using soap when driving them into hard wood (it would make the screw rusted).

      By the way, the OLSON'S wax I mention in the post does not become oily as it warms on the blade and does NOT leave residues to the wood. It is realy great.
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        anyone know of a canadian distributor of this or an equivalent product? i don't think lee valley carries anything like this. i'm cutting some 3/4" oak and i'd like to give it a try.


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          Distributor for Olsen saw blade lubricant

          Do you have a Home Depot anywhere close? I picked up the Olsen lubricant strip at my local HD last weekend.


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            i found some at busy bee tools here.


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              Blade lubricant Canadian suppliers

              You can order it form Tufftooth
              Their page is and the specific page for this product is:


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                Do you get the "Wildwood Designs" catalog? There is a stick of the Olson lube in there for $3.99 US. I use that for my scrollsaw and bandsaw and it lasts forever. I'm sure they have a website as well.
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                  3.99$ US mean about 6$ once purchased in Canada

                  3.99$ US mean about 6$CAN. once purchased in Canada.


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                    Originally posted by boogatoo
                    3.99$ US mean about 6$CAN. once purchased in Canada.

                    not to mention the shipping and handling charge.


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