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  • Question about table design

    I just got my first scroll saw and I need to purchase or make a table for it. I noticed that many of the tables designed for scroll saws are triangular in shape (cross section) with the tip of the triange in the back.

    Now, it seems to me that while sitting at a table, if you did have a triangular shaped base, it would make more sense to have the tip of the triangular shape towards you, so that your legs could more easily "split" around the front of the table.

    Likewise, wouldn't it make just as much sense, or more sense, to have a regular shaped table. That is, assuming you have plenty of space in the workship, a regular table with the scroll saw mounted on top would allow you to have your legs just about anywhere you want as you sit in front of the scroll saw.

    Could anyone give me some pointers on what does or doesn't make for a good scroll saw table?



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    Scroll saw table.

    3 legs are always true on the floor.

    Now the room the table takes VS the space you have might be a problem. I Have this problem, so this is the description of my table: A foldable clone Workmate for 15$ at any DIY stores.

    I made dog pin using 3/4" by 4" long dowels on wich I epoxied rubber crutch tip 92$ at any DIY store). I put the saw on top of the table, put the dogpins in the holes and tight the vise-top on the saw. I sit at the end of the workmate on a high stoll that has a foot rest.

    For the 3/4" dog pins, The crutch tip prevent the dogpins to fall through the table top and squeeze the pieces without marking them. I made mine using stainless steel rod (because I have a frind that provided them free) but hardwood does the job very well.


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      I prefer a conventional rectangular stand.

      When I made my scroll saw stand I built a conventional rectangular cabinet which permitted me to install drawers. The top drawer is used for blade storage and the other ones are used to store other tools.

      I have always preferred to scroll standing up so straddling the stand is not an issue for me.

      If I ever replace it I will add wheels to move it into the open for large projects and raise the back a few inches.



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        I'll e-mail you a plan I have for a scrollsaw stand. You can take a look and see if it's something that will work for you.

        . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
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          as stated,the reason for three legs vs 4,that with three,they all always touch the floor,with 4,rarely will they all sit firmly on the floor.this will increase your vibration. By putting one leg in the back,and two on the front (back,meaning farside from the operator),it better supports the saw when the weight of your wood is on the saw table.If you were cutting a long piece,and had a few feet hanging over one side of your saw,it would become unstable with just one leg in the front. My saws all came with a stand,so I cant give you a plan for one,but I think Bruce is in the process of sending you somthing via email. Good luck
          Dale w/ yella saws


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