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  • Delta 40-650 Scroll

    I'm new to the scrolling thing, but can't wait to get going.

    I have the chance to buy this saw in like new condition on stand. Any thoughts about the saw, good bad indifferent.

    Thanks and I'm sure this is the first of many ?s on this board.

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    I really like the Delta saws, they have a great blade tensioning system. I guess it depends on the price.
    Most users on this board prefer the Dewalt.
    Then again I am not most users
    It is a good servicable saw.
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      Delta's are quite popular in the UK and I've never heard any complaints about them.

      That said, De Walt doesn't market its scrollsaw over here.

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        If that is a picture of the Delta you are wanting to buy, it is a Q-3. I have one and a P-20. I like my Q-3 and I still use it and will until it wears out. The only problem with it is Delta doesn't make all the parts for it anymore. Like I said it is a good saw and I have had mine for about 10 years.
        The P-20 is a better saw but I have had some problems with it.
        Good Luck

        Delta P-20 & Q-3

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          I have to agree with Bob. The Q-3 is not made anymore and so are the parts.
          To recommend a saw to buy? It would not be the Q-3 for the above reason.
          The P-20 is a very good saw. But there are others in about the same price range. You might check and check the different saws.
          Mike M
          SD Mike


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            The saw is in very good if not almost new condition. I can buy it for, I think $100.00. He is in a veneering class with me and just bought a Hawk. It is just collecting dust in his shop.

            So for $100.00 would you buy it?

            Thanks for all your input folks.



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              You bet I would buy it. I paid $175 for a used one awhile back and would probably do it again if I didn't have 3 of them now. The parts that I feel may wear out are the top blade clamp tension set up, but they are the same clamp as the P20. But in about 4 years i have not replaced many parts at all on my saws. I am not sure if parts are that hard to get as I have not ordered any in awhile. One fellow told me he couldn't get parts for his Q3, then he stopped into my shop and said his saw didn't look like mine. Turns out he had the older C-arm with the digital speed readout. I think he had some posts on one of the sites about parts, and that may be where some of the possible rumors about parts are coming from. The Q3 was discontinued so parts may be a problem at some point and still should be considered.
              Rick Hutcheson


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                Gary, I would spend $100 on one that was in good shape.

                Rick, The guy at the Delta repair shop around here told me the little two prong clip on the top arm just above the blade clamp is one of the parts that Delta doesn't make anymore. I have broken a few of them. I still have a few of them.

                Delta P-20 & Q-3

                I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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                  That sounds like the clip on the first style saw with all the linkage on the side for the tension. Big long lever.
                  That whole top head can be replaced with the newer lever tension clamp setup like the newer Q3 and P20 use. A lot easier system. The new system will fit on the saw you have, just mounts to make it look different.
                  Rick Hutcheson


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                    Well I didn't get as cheap as I thought. Paided $125. It looks like it has never been used.

                    Couldn't fit it in the car, so must wait till next week to get it home. Thanks for all your help and insite on the saw.

                    I'll post a pic when it gets to it's new home.



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                      Ok enough about the saw. Get this thing home and start making sawdust and post those pictures. Just kidding, glad you got the saw and you will enjoy it and welcome to the world of scroll art. I must warn you though you have stepped over the line and there is no going back. You will be hooked. If there are questions about the saw or about getting started just shout them out here, there will be answers in no time. Even some of the newbies are now starting to join in and tell us of their experiences. As you see Rick H is our guru on that saw so he will be able to help.
                      John T.


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                        This appears to be a good buy considering the 100s of ads I have seen. Only one cheaper was $85 but it need the speed control cleaned. I should have jumped on it, but hesitated and lost the war. Ed
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                          Delta confusion

                          NO offense intended but am I the only one confused by this post----2005 then fast forward to----today?
                          I have an older Delta and I love it so I like to read up on any post related to this saw.


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                            For $1000 buy it.........My Q3 is 12 years old and has probably had 3 or 4 thousand hours of use so far. The only parts I have replaced are the blower nozzle (no longer available), the lower blade holder (once) and the on-off switch ( 4 or 5 times). It is an aggressive, bottom feeding C arm saw so I don't use it for real delicate cutting, but it is great for any hardwoods and plywood over 1/2" thick.

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                              Darn glad I wasn't a typist I'd would have starved. My Delta is a model 40-460 out of a shutdown HS woodshop. It appears to be one of the last ones made. The pump is essentially a miniature diaphragm compressor built into the crankcase assembly. It is recommended the air line which is routed through the arm be replaced with polyethylene tubing if needed. A hairdryer will soften it for sliding on fitting. You may also use it to extend the pump output where needed. You may contact me, see signature line. I'm relatively new to this forum but got my first scroll saw in 1952 when I was 7.

                              1952 Craftsman 4" pin blade, Deltas: (2) SS350, 40-540, 40-460, Q3, Hegner Polymax 3, Craftsman direct drive pin-type, Grizzle 23" C-Arm, Skil SS16VS. Dremel hobby 3", HFT 16".

                              Mostly unwanted/unloved adoptions from Craigslist. BTW Ole Yellow fans search CL San Antonio a DW788 is up for adoption for $250.

                              Most of these saw only required so TLC meaning cleaning/lubrication/alignment.

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