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  • Scroll Saw Blade Poll Thread

    I find the Scroll Saw Blade Poll thread here and the ongoing debate in the community about who's blades are better to be intriging. First of all let me explain that I have sought out manufacturers over time as well as closely examined blades closely under microscope. This research has lead me to several conclusions, most importantly that there aren't nearly as much variations or manufacturers than various vendors make on. Google is an amazing tool of our time, and if your willing to use it you'll arrive to some things that are fairly common knowledge.

    There are two manufacturers in Germany, the FD blades are made by a company called Niqua, as are the D&B Blades and most other blades that are imported from Germany. Most Olsen blades are made by Olsen in the North East USA, some are made in Germany by a company other than Niqua. That is the second manufacturer and from what I am able to father they are in contract with Olsen. The third EU manufacturer is of course Pegas. I've examined the Pegas blades which claim to be Swiss made. They have alot of the same machining characteristics as the Niqua blades and I'm not entirely sure aren't made on the same tooling but with slightly different steel and in Switzerland. At some point I'll contact them and find out.

    Lastly, there is a Chinese manufacturer which produces a horrible non-consistant blade that is completely useless. There is also a small company in Great Britain which only produces Pin End blades in one style.

    Possibly this will clear up any misunderstanding. Don't be fooled into thinking there are huge differences in blades, especially the ones coming out of Germany, it's true most of them come from the same place.

    Jie Quan

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    That's a fascinating and illuminating contribution to the debate, Jie Quan. Thank you.

    There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
    (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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      Hi Jie,

      The Olson scroll saw blades are made by Haunstetter in Germany.
      D&B is not getting their blades from Niqua anymore.
      Just for your information.

      Mike M
      SD Mike


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        Some more thoughts on blades

        I'm not an expert on all the available blades yet, but I'm working on it. And there sure is a variety of opinions on what is the best blade.

        So far I've found the Olsen PGT blades to be the best for aggressive cutting. They last a very long time and they don't wander, but they're awfully loud! Anyone else find them loud?

        I received a large selection of D&B blades with my Excalibur saw and found them to be excellent. So far they are my overall favorites.

        I received a set of #9 Pegas blades from a sales rep at the Wisconsin Scrollsaw Show. This particular size worked great on 3/4" thick walnut which is the only place I've given them a serious test. Anyone know where I can get Pegas blades other than Grobet?

        I have the variety pack of FD blades from Mike, but haven't given them a fair test yet. Most everyone on this message board seems to love them.

        Happy Turkey Day


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          Dan. BearWoods has Pegas blades

          I love their modified geometry ones
          Happy turkey day
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            Thanks for the info on Pegas blades

            Thanks for the info. I'll check out their site.


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              Checked out, did I read shipping charges right?

              I checked out the site. Unless I'm misreading something their MINIMUM shipping charge to U.S. customers is $9.25. That seems like an awful lot to me, although I didn't notice where they are located. And they won't tell you the final shipping charge until a day or two after you placed the order. Am I missing something? Sounds like they need to talk to Mike about customer service.

              I would really like to check out the Pegas blades, but that's too much to charge for shipping.



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                Try this place for Pegas.I myself dont like the pegas one bit,but to each his own.
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  I got some Pegas blades at the Wisconsin show too. I tried a #3 Pegas the other day. It cut some 3/4" oak nicely, but was too aggressive on thinner woods for me.

                  There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                    Did not know that. They have free shipping at some point. I think about $40.00. I always order over $100.00 at a time because I use a lot of other items in their entire site like wood parts and harware and patterns and plans etc. so the blades come no charge shipping along with the rest.
                    I have always found them good to deal with.


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                      Wildwood Designs also carries the Pegas blades. I know their shipping rate is better than that. Check them out at


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                        Pin Blades

                        I recently took up scrolling, having been carving for about two years. The saw requires pin blades. I found pin blades at Lowes, made by Vermont
                        Tools--18 TPI. That's all I can locate. I would appreciate knowing where I can purchase a variety of pin blades, or perhaps retool my saw to accept pinless blades.
                        Phil Dirt


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                          I don't know what saw you have. You could check with Wildwood, they have a kit so you can use both. 800-470-9090

                          Mike M
                          SD Mike


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                            i tried my first olsen blade last night. it was a PGT #7 blade and i was cutting 3/4" oak. it cut faster than the FD but didn't last as long. also
                            it was very noisy when starting a cut with the grain but quieted down
                            somewhat once it got fully into the wood. i may have been trying to
                            cut too small a radius with it as i could smell a lot of burning and the blade
                            ended up quite discolored. for the price ($6.99 cdn for 6), to me the FD blades are a much better value.


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