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AirBrush to spray small pieces

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  • AirBrush to spray small pieces

    I just bought an airbrush and hooked it on my 32 gallon compressor and varnished some small pieces of an intarsia project.

    I can't believe I did not bought it before. Just dilute the urethane varnish with 10%-15% thinner. And that is it.

    Instead of using gel or wipping varnish (most of it end up in the rag when you apply or rub it) I used a few table soup of thinned varnish. I save a lot.

    Excell EX4-1 Paintbrush (made by Devilbiss div. of PorterCable) is only 15$ and it fit on compressed air can or compressor any size from the real small ones to the extra large ones.

    Hook it through a 1/4" adapter onto your hose, an air pressure gauge and a air filter (to filter humidity) then you could start to spray. If your line is short, you might not need filter and pressure gauge.

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    I have used airbrushes befor for painting murals but not for finishing wood.
    I prefer waterbased products in the airbrush for ease of cleaning. Not sure how waterbased varinsh will work in it but I am willing to give it a try.
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      I've looked at those inexpensive airbrush units with curiosity. I'm glad to hear you've had such success with them; I might try it out.

      I've had mixed success with the Preval sprayer, that has a nozzle similar to a plain spray can. The nozzle on an airbrush would probably deliver a finer, more controlled spray.


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        I tried a cheap air brush a couple of months ago and it just didn't work. I was using acrylic thinned to a water consistency but still nothing came out of the nozzle, despite all my tweaking .

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          So far I only tried with oil stain and with urethane varnish. I don't believe waterbase urethane would do a good job because it is ticker than oil base. Thinning waterbase varnish weaken the bond to the wood. Also I am pretty sure the nozzle will glog as air pass trough it.

          With my HVLP spry gun, I have to use the larger needle to spray waterbase, therefore, I am very doubtful about the results using airbrush. The needle is just too small.

          On the other hand, I called a local craft store to inquire about airbrush T-shirt painting and they sell a waterbase paint specially designed for airbrush. So I will try waterbase urethane on a scap piece of wood for a test. But I am still doubtful about waterbase urethane.


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            There are two styles of airbrush, an internal mix and an external mix,
            The external mix blows air over an oriface causing a vacuum, this draws the paint from the jar and sprays it out.
            This style will work for water based products.

            The other style is an internal mix where the air paint mixture is made within the airbrush itself. This would be more suitable for oil base materials since the molecules are smaller.
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              Hi! CanadianScroller, Thanks for the clarification!
              According to your explanations, the Excell EX4-1 Paintbrush (made by Devilbiss div. of PorterCable) 15$ U.S. I was talking about previously is the external mix kind so it would be suitable to water based varsish. I am going to give it a try and let you guys know. For those canadian that might ber interested in this air brush, It ia available at RONA (Quebec. Province) for 24.99$ CAN. I haven't seen any of any kind at CanadianTire.


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                Hi boogatoo, Canadian Tire carries one form Campbell Hausfeld

                I have a couple of lower end ones at home. I got a great one from Walmart for painting models. It is from Testor.
                The one I use is the AZTEK 220A
                I think it is around $25 or $30
                I like it because you can save the premixed paint in cups and clip them on as you need them.
                There is a fine wire needle you can clean the feed tube with.
                This is an entry level airbrush I have had some success with it.
                CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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