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  • Portable Planer Stand

    Hi, I have just purchased my 1st. portable bench planer. I would like sugestions for a moveable floor stand. I am limited for space. Anyone know where I could find a site for plans??? Much apreciated. [email protected]

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    Tool Stand

    If space is limited you might consider a tool stand with a rotating top where two or three tools can be used on the same stand.

    There is a nice design at
    I have an old video arcade I cut down to waist hight and made a plywood top for. Insde the base I keep my planer, miter saw and router table. Eventually I would like to make a rtiangular top that would rotate with each tool mounted on it's own facet.
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      Planer stand options

      I've seen a couple of variations in WoodSmith over the years. I remember one that was a "flip-top" that CanadianScroller described. There was also one that was a dedicated planer stand (on wheels to get it out of the way when not in use). If you're interested in either of these let me know and I'll dig out the issue number.

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        Planer table

        I have a set of plans for the planer table I built a few months ago. Just something I drew up for a portable table. Works great. Send me an email if interested. [email protected]


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          Planer bench

          Hi, I am interested in your plan for a planer bench... I haven't found anything yet and that planer is still setting in the box....any help is appreciated. [email protected]


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