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  • Ponderosa Pine

    Hi all I'm considering trying my luck at relief carving. I have been looking at several types of wood, maple. cherry, etc. I went to Lowes and got sticker shock. I found a glued up Tray blank of ponderosa pine, about 1' thick and 15' diameter. Has any body tried this type of wood before? Could it possibly cup after carving? Hoping to do a clear finish on it. Any suggestions please.

    Thanx Bill in Omaha

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    Re: Ponderosa Pine

    I have carved on the same blank you are talking about. I did a low relief of a logo and it turned out pretty good. Keep your tools sharp an it cuts OK. If your tools get dull the pine tends to rip a bit. It will cup like most woods, so I took my router and routed a depression on the back an inch from the edge about 1/4' deep. Regards.


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