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    I trying to decide between a scroll saw and a band saw. The scroll saw of choice is the Dewalt 788. Not sure on a band saw yet.

    I would like to mostly cut plaque style pictures of animals out (maybe 12"wide x 8" height) but have an interest in more intraget(spelling??) work. Is the scroll saw equally as versatile as a band saw? Will I be okay cutting the mentioned type shapes out of 1/4-1/2 pine with the scroll saw?

    My fiancée like the thought of the speed adjustment on the scroll saw and thought she would be more comfortable with it.

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    You're talking about 2 very diffferent tools. A good bandsaw is far more versatile than even the very best scrollsaw. In addition to what you want to do, ripping, crosscutting and re-sawing are a few of the things that can be accomplished with a bandsaw. A scrollsaw on the other hand will do a couple of things that a bandsaw cannot including far more intricate cuts as well as inside (pierced) cuts. Your long range plans (i.e. do you enivision doing more general woodworking, furniture, tables, etc.) will determine your choice. If you're only planning on scroll-type work, then get the scroll saw. A scroll saw will do what you mentioned in your post.

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      As mentioned these are 2 different tools even though the bandsaw can do scroll work it can only cut designs on the outside and if you need interior fret work cuts than a scrollsaw is designed for that job. You can make interior cuts with a bandsaw but need to make a relief cut to get to the interior cut. Then that releif cut needs to be glued back together. Not the best choice to do this. As far as which to buy first depends on what type of cutting are you doing. If it is scrolling than by all means get the scrollsaw and by the way you are looking at a very good saw. I recomend it highly. You will eventually want to get a bandsaw so save the bucks.
      John T.


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        I use both. As has been said, there is really no such thing as band vs scroll saw since they are so different. I used a band saw long before I purchased a scroll saw, but that was because I was making duck decoys and furniture. You can't really do fretwork, or anything delicate, with a bandsaw even with a 1/8" blade. I know choices have to be made, but I would feel lost without both.
        Old Mooner


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          All the replies are 100% correct.
          I would buy both and if you can get a Dewalt what was made before 2003, go for it. Check out the Delta P-20.
          Mike M
          SD Mike


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            I agree. I have both and use them in different ways form each other. Get both.

            Mike- I'm looking at the DeWalt 788 for my next saw, but what's this about a DeWalkt before 2003? What's the story?


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              They were Canadian made. Now they are made in Taiwain
              John T.


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                Welcome to the group!
                I totally agree with the previous posts. The Dewalt is a fine saw - I just got to try one at our local county fair - it isn't as good as my saw, but if I had gotten to try it sooner, I would have bought it. Excellent for the price. You and your honey will have a lot of fun scrolling - it is one of the safest of saws (you've still got to use common sense and pay attention) and the results are quickly enjoyable. I suggest getting John Nelson's book, Scroll Saw Workbook, and working through the lessons with your new saw - the results will be really cool.
                When you are ready for a bandsaw, you will know more about what size you want, and what projects you'd like to use it for. It is more versatile for larger things, and you will want to have both saws, eventually. Now, lets see, what other tools could we recommend?...
                Let us know what you decide, and how your projects are coming along.


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                  Get both if you can afford them. You won't be sorry. I use the bandsaw for resawing my stock into thinner pieces, which saves me considerable money not having to buy presawn (is that a word?) thinner wood. It's amazing how the hobby of scrollsawing, thinking you JUST need a scroll saw, leads into bandsaws, tablesaws, planers, vacuums, drum sanders, palm sanders, drill press (I have 4 and use each one) and on and on and on. But the thing is, I use every single one of them!!! Sometimes all for just one project!!!

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                    I can so relate to needing more than just a scroll saw. Thought that was all we needed, but now own a drum sander, a table saw, a router, blades, containers, wood, etc... Would love a band saw but am running out of room. But, I am having a good time and whatever you buy will be an investment, wont go to waste.
                    Have fun,


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                      Bill, I have the DeWalt 788 & was made in Taiwan. Haven't had any problems with it & would recomend adding a foot switch. The reason being, the on-off switch will stop once in a while when it get dust in it. I just taped a piece of clear plastic over it & use the foot switch. It's a lot easier to use anyway. Good luck Goofytoo


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                        I would highly recommend both. Two different tools with different purposes. A good 14" band saw has so many uses in the shop, get one with at least 1 hp, preferably 1.5 and I would also recommend the 6 inch extension to give you 12" depth of cut. But intricate cutting requires a good scroll saw and I highly recommend the Hawk 226 VS, it is my personal choice but since everyone likes to recommend their favorite, there is mine. And don't even get me started on what other tools you will want!


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                          G'day JRC,
                          The scroll saw will do what you want at the moment, and probably a Band saw will as well, if as previously mentioned you don't want to do any closed cuts.

                          Once you start buying tools you'll, just keep on needing another, to do a particular job, and down the slippery slope you go

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                            Welcome to the group for sure. and as for your quistion. I love my scrollsaw. but the band saw has helped me so much. I really don't know if i would wont to have only one of them. they go together as far as I am conserned.

                            Gosh. Moon is that you. . I am so pleased to see you posting. hellowwwww my friend. what a blessing it is to see you hear today. now we are in for some wonderfull lestens. from a master. ok, don't let this post scar you off. I just like learning from you. and hearing from you. your friend Evie


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                              JRC, I wonted to post a picture on a project my hubby did for xmas. I did the inside cuts for him on my scrollsaw. but he did the outside cuts on his band saw, very intracut. I think. with a 1/8 blade. just to show little things can be done on the band saw. your friend Evie
                              NOtice all the outside cuts are done on a band saw. also the letters. for the west, east,north, and south.
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