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  • Inflateable Drum Sander

    Hello; Does anybody know where to get an reasonable... inflateable drum sander? I do have a motor, but it seems every place I went they sell them with motors... and they are not cheap. Grizzily's was less than $200, but that is still too much. Anybody know where to try?...Bob
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    Check out the Woodcraft catalog - they have had an inflatable drum you can chuck into a drill or drilll press, or probably attach to your motor (much better, since drills do not excel at side pressure stuff). You could get different grit sleeves, and a little pump for the inflating. Seems like the whole shebang was less than $50. Is it for intarsia work? I've been thinking...
    Good luck! and let us know - whatever you do.


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      Inflatable drum sander crusade

      Sandy; Thank you for your responce, yes it is for intarsia. I did a few items and they turned out very well. It does take a lot of sanding thou. I did look at Woodcraft, and also found one at Rockler and Seyco... I requested catalogs, and they all seem resonable too. I wanted to speed up the process. Soon I will make a purchase...Thanks Again...Bob
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        Are you looking for a complete unit with motor and all?
        I had not looked for one in some time, and notice prices have come down quite a bit. Oddly enough I found the prices on Judy Gale Roberts site were as reasonable as any. They had the drums and mandrels to add to your motor. Or the very nice Fordom Bench Lathe available.
        For well under $300 one could be set up with two drums.
        It would also be very adaptable to other applications too.


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