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  • need Flexable light

    I have the dremel 1680 scroll saw, of corse the scroll station with flexable led style light. with sander and flex shaft came out a couple months after i bought the 1680 it leaves me jelious i guess...

    as my scroll saw has a sewing mchiene type light made on the side its rigidly mounted with 1 inch adjustment front to rear,,,

    i can see fairly well but use 2x or 3x reading glasses to follow lines but it seams i still cant get enough light on the line.

    maybe a flexable light would afford me to move the light more to where i can view the line without shadow covering the line.....

    dose anybody know if the replacement light for the scrollstation would be too hard to adapt to the dremel 1680
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    Why not get a high intensity light from an office supply store? There are some magnetic base lights available too. If you have a shelf or bench next to the saw, you could mount it there. That would protect the light from vibrations and give you longer bulb life.

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      I "borrowed" naaaa -- I sticky-fingered the lighted magnafing lamp from my sewing room to sit at the end of my saw works great as I can even see those tiny lines I try to run over with my saw blade .


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        I purchased one of those Balanced Spectrum floor lamps that you see ads for in a lot of magazines. I stand it beside the saw and bend it over the saw table, it has a dim and a bright setting and really lights my work well. I see the local Shopko store has them now for $39.95, I paid $49.95. Easy on the eyes, kind of a soft light. They come in a table model but have no place to set it. The floor model works great for me. Mick
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          Wood butcher sharron and mike,.
          thanks for the replys
          I have a magnifying 110 volt swing arm type lamp i been using, but when running more than 1/2 saw rpm the light shakes violently, which wont last much longer.
          guess i got to rethink this lighting more seriously.

          Not having lots of table or floor space, was why i was thinking of the replacement bright led flex light like on the scroll sataion.
          I bought a replacement hallogen low voltage 12 vt bulb to keep the heat down,. also with thoughts i could soulder a the existing lamp wire on it and mount it on the saw, but finding a fixture is really begining to be tough to find, wanting the light to be easily obtainable for replacement, i thought low voltage spot halagen would be fine.
          I found some at lowes finely, guess ill see if i can adapt one of them
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            Try I'm looking for a magnifing/light combo with a flex arm and they have plenty ranging from $17 to $500. Different styles, lighting type and mounts. I to am having trouble with lighting and seeing the lines esp. when cutting with a 2/0. I'm sure they have just lights and are probably cheaper than Office Max.
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              A couple of things about lights.
              Lights on magnifiers can get quite warm, many of the scrollers here change the bulb for a cooler running compact fluorescent.
              I find if you put a light on the side of your work it casts a shadow of the blade sideways. Then it is easier to follow the line with a blade as thin as a 2/0.
              Just look at where the shadow of the blade and the line you are cutting intersect.
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                If you use a flourescent light it will not cast a shadow. Also if your saws vibrates that much, that is a problem for another topic, but do not attach the light to the stand the saw is on.
                John T.


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                  my 2 cents worth,

                  I finely solved this problem by getting an under the cabinet low voltave 12 vt haligen lighting system its a 2 fixture light system, with small voltage transformer, shouldnt cost you $30.00

                  but man it puts out the light,
                  my eyes are effected by dibitus and i cant get enough light oin things sometimes, but by mounting one on each side of the blade i can see the blade and the line without my reading glasses....

                  although it would be better mounted off the saw table, i am crowded for usable floor space so i made a table with a canopy to hang lights and power carver/flex shaft off of.
                  Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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