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a foot pedal, a pedal switch, floor switch...?

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  • a foot pedal, a pedal switch, floor switch...?

    What is that switch you place on the floor and can operate the scrollsaw with really called? English is not my own language, it´s kind of hard sometimes to find the right words for things and without knowing that, it´s hard to do effective searches on the web.

    What & where should I look for a foot switch for my Delta 40-570? I don´t think Delta makes one.

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    I think "foot switch" is fine. I don't know where you are located, but even Sears sells them. They are nothing more than a breaker between the plug and your saw. They are used for all kinds of other shop tools. You plug one end into the wall plug and the saw into the other. When you step on the thing it gives power to your saw. There are, however, two types--one, when you step on it, it comes on and you do not need to keep your foot on the switch. You step on it again when you wish to turn the saw off. Two, the type I use requires you to keep your foot on the switch or the saw stops. If you lift your foot the saw quits. I like that better because it gives me more control.

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      Hi Ken

      I haven't tried one of these footswitches myself, but perhaps Chronos might be able to help you out if they'll send it to Finland. The fact that they take enquiries from overseas is encouraging. You might have to do a little re-wiring, but even so it could be worth trying.

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        Ken, don't know where you are located. I got mine from Catalog #108-815.The kind that you step on and the saw starts, step on it again to stop saw. I stand when I saw and mounted the switch at knee height, just bump it with my knee to start or stop the saw. They are $17.49 plus shipping. Mick
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          Foot switch

          I had an electrician make one up. I put my foot on it to stop the machine. The foot switch sure makes controlling your piece much easier.
          Cheers. Teresa .


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            Thanks for the input. I´ve done some web searching, but most switches seem to be made only for 110Volt.

            Asking an electrician to make one up for me might be a good idea. The problem is that the local friendly electrician has been exchanged for the not-local-only selling mass products-superstore-electric shop and they don´t make anything for you.

            Well, I might be able to make one myself, most parts can be bought in one of those hardware supermarkets. It´s only the switch that´s hard to find. I´d like the one that only stays on as long as it is pressed down...WAIT!...maybe Hegner makes one for 230V...


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