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  • Delta Home Craft Scroll Saw

    I have a 1955 vintage 16" Delta Homecraft Scroll Saw that has not been used for many years. I recently disassembled it, cleaned it and reassembled it. The lubricant in the crankcase had turned to thick gum which I cleaned out and relaced with 10W 40 motor oil to get things working. Everything works well but I am concerned about the oil. What oil should I be using in the crankcase?

    Also is it possible to get a manual for this saw? I have a serial number but there is no model number on the saw.

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    Go to this website and talk to Rick, he has all kinds of scroll saws.
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      Thanks. I've written Ric. I'll let you know how I make out.


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        straight 40 weight gear oil is fine. There are no viscosity issues like in a car in cold or hot waether.
        The original oil used wasnt detergent oil. I am not sure how this will affect the parts.
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          home craft 16" lubricant

          10 weight is recommended, non detergent. Best place to get is local fabric shop, ask for sewing machine oil. It will be clear and watery. Make sure your your case covers are nice and tight because if they aren' know..



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            rcmiele, I don't know what weight oil you should be using but you don't want 10W40. That is a high detergent oil made for cars. 10 weight seems too light and 40 weight seems too heavy. I would go with 20 or 30 weight, non detergent. I use 30 weight in my Delta P-20. I sent an e-mail to [email protected] and asked them for an owner's manual for a 1960 era Craftsman, 10" table saw. They sent me a copy via U.S.P.S. free of charge. They may have a manual for your saw. Good luck with your new/old saw. Can you use the pinless blades?
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              10 weight is correct

              I'll repeat my earlier answer, 10 weight, which is considerd sewing machine oil. You can research this as I have on the 'net. I also have a copy of the owners' manual from OWWM.COM which is attached as verification, see page 3, top left.

              Have fun!
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                I agree with grolmund -- use only S.A.E. 10W non-detergent motor oil. Don't go with 20W, 30W or any other.

                You may be able to purchase S.A.E. 10W N-D in a quart can at your local retail automotive supply store. Hard to find on the shelf, but you can find a can now and then. As mentioned, sewing machine oil should be good.

                As I recall from other discussions on your type of saw, the upper blade chuck is connected to a spring, and on some models, the spring is housed in a bath of oil. The motor pulls the blade down, and the spring helps the motor by pulling the blade back to the top of the stroke. The spring needs the thin oil so it isn't fighting the oil on the return stroke.

                I presume the spring also provides blade tension, but I don't know how you can alter the blade tension between a #5 .vs. a #0 blade.

                Word of caution, the spring will suffer from metal fatigue over time. Your saw is over 50 years old. I may be wrong, but your style of saw hasn't been made in about 35 to 40 years. (There is one VERY high end saw of a similar style, but the engineering is WAY better.)

                Best of luck to you.



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                  Thank you to all posters for lubrication tips. And thanks especially to grolmund for his attachment of the owner's manual!!!


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                    What Oil for 40-110

                    Hello to all !

                    My 40-110 scroll saw has a worn Bushing ( part DSS-9 ) in the cast iron casting for the main Lower Plunger Tube ( part DSS-21-S ) that rides up and down.

                    So when I used the recommended 10-W oil, then the oil leaked quite badly up and out of the bushing.
                    I changed to 85-90-W gear oil and find that all the parts inside are being well oiled and the leaking has stopped.

                    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bushing ?

                    Many thanks !

                    Dan McGarigle
                    El Segundo, CA


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