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    Hi I have the chance to get a older (about 15-20 yrs old) 16" RBI Hawk saw has a stand single speed and No quick change blade it is a alum table. I havent seen this saw but he said it works good and wasnt used much. what i was wondering can it be updated to a quick change blade system and maybe variable speed? if so is it a expensive thing to do? the asking price for the saw is $75.00 I would appreciate any input asap have to get back to the guy early wed evening

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    The price isnt to bad. I know you can get some more user friendly clamps for an older 220 model saw, I imagine they would also work on the smaller model.As for variable speed, I dont know if that can be done, or if it can be done at a reasonable price.I dont remember what the outcome was, but in the past its been asked about using a thing like a router speed controller thing to adjust the speed, I dont know if that is ok or not though. I attached a copy of an email I got from RBI a few months ago , give the phone number a call and I bet Craig can help you out.For $75, if it truly has had little use, you cant hardly go wrong, they bring much more than that on ebay!

    From: "Craig Murdock" <[email protected]> There is only one lower blade holder available for this older model Hawk saw. See this link on our website:

    216 Lower Blade Holder

    An upper blade holder with a thumbscrew instead of allen head screw is, also, available. Call our customer service line to order (800) 487-2623 prompt ‘2’

    Customer Service

    Hawk Woodworking Tools
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      well i bought it. looks pretty clean and runs smooth it is a model 216 and the ser # is 0265 guys said it is 15 to 20 years old. its belt driven and has two speed by moving the belt to another pully. i think i will def look in to getting the newer blade holders. the one you gave me a link to looks like it will work.i tried the foot pedal from my carftsman and it works. the only thing i worry about is the motor is a capacitor start motor and i wonder if useing a foot pedal turning off and on quickly ( my wife likes to start and stop alot) is good or bad for the motor? if i can figure out how to put up a pic of it i will. i kinda wonder if its worth more then the $75.00 i paid for it. but even if it was for the price i paid i dont think i could part with her. the way it cuts it just so better then the craftsmans that i can live with the turnning the knob for tession and the allen key for blade changing.
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        Congrats, definately money well spent!
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          just call rbi they r very helpful i bought a older rbi just the other day 220 i known on them they said i could replace the upper arm for the quick release and they sent me the thumb screw blade holder. i was really pleased with them .


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            cool thanks for the info


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