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  • Magnifier

    Just curious to see how many use a magnifier?
    I have one with a glass lens on an articulated arm. I am not crazy about it.
    There is some distortion around the edges and it can be tiring on the eyes.
    I really don't use it.
    I did pick up a plastic "Fresnel" lens at the dollar store. I am going to put it in a BBply frame for people to look at the finished fretwork with.
    Can't go wrong for a buck. I may use shaker pegs for legs.
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    I wouldn't be able use my scrollsaw without one.

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      Not me, my youth and the fact that my dear Mother made me eat all those carrots as a kid keep these eyes working just fine.

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        Great Idea Carl,

        Post a pic when your done..


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          Originally posted by Rivari
          Not me, my youth and the fact that my dear Mother made me eat all those carrots as a kid keep these eyes working just fine.
          Give it time Todd!
          I still eat 'em and got my first pair of glasses this year!
          Now I don't have to scroll between the lines anymore!

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            The last time I visited my optician he told me I had remarkably strong eye muscles... for my age!

            Backhanded compliment or what?

            I've got a magnifying lens with a daylight bulb in it. I haven't used it yet but I may as the nights start drawing in.

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              Can't use the scroll saw without it - adds light to the workpiece, as well as helping me see the lines. Interesting idea Carl, would like to see a pic of the finished product.

              DeWalt 788


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                I use my magnifier when scrolling purly for the light. I find myself using my perepherial (sp?) vision a lot while scrolling, and the magnifier totally eliminates that!

                When I'm painting my Warhammer 40K models, though, which are about 2"-tall and fully detailes, I use my magnifier! To paint those, I've shaved some paintbrushes down to only half a dozen bristles!



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                  I use a magnifier with the light on my scroll saw. I had a magnifier once that
                  had a small wattage light bulb, which provided excess heat when sawing in the
                  summer time. I replaced the bulb with on of the small efficient ones that are now available. It's much cooler.

                  Gary MacKay


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                    Great idea on the new bulb. I agree they get hot!
                    CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                      I got the light and magnifier with my RBI - I use it whenever the light from the window is wimpy - and now that I don't have to keep blowing the sawdust off the cutting line (like I did with my old Delta), I can look through the magnifyer without getting frustrated. I find I only use it for intricate stuff. I also use a visor-type magnifier - for carving and pyro work, and for intricate painting - you just can't carve/burn/paint what you can't see clearly. I find it makes a big difference. I also got a visor type at one of my favorite toy stores (Harbor Freight) for about $3 on sale - it has little lights on the side to light what you are seeing - well worth the $, but not too great for scrolling, 'cause the focal point is too short - the best focus is about 14 inches or so - a bit close to the scroll saw for my setup.


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                        I've not used a magnifier yet but don't think I've needed one with anything I've done so far. Maybe in the future but until then I'll work without. I understand what Bob was saying about losing peripheral vision. I rely on my peripheral vision a lot and think that using a magnifier would cause a lot of eyestrain. For me, anyway.



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                          While it is hard at first using the magnifier, you do get used to it. I also had a hard time not being able to use my peripheral vision, but seeing the fine lines where you're cutting seems to be a small trade-off.

                          As for the light bulbs heating up, I also replaced it with the small efficient bulbs and it worked like a charm. Came home from work one day to find that the magnifier made its way into my wife's sewing room, so I had to replace my magnifier with one with the circular fluorescent bulb. That one works even better than the old one - so I can't let my wife know or I may lose that one too!
                          DeWalt 788


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                            I gotta thank the wife for getting me the lighted magnifier. I won't work without it. I have a fluorescent bulb that only gets a little warm.

                            Dan H

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                              I went to the dollar store and bought a pair of bi-focal glasses,they come in three size's of magnifaction, I got the 2.75.Works for me...I have one of those round magnifers with light from Michael's or Jo-ann stores, but it is too fuzzy on the edges for me.Lonepine
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