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  • Set Screw on Dewalt

    Ok I broke down today and got myself a dewalt mostly because of frustration on my previous saw...but we won't go down that road .

    Ok I've been setting up the dewalt to insure it goes 90 degrees to the table and all is landed up being off by almost 2 I even figured out how to reset my table tilt to now reflect 0 degrees as opposed to all is well...ran some test cuts...and all at 90 degrees to the table..

    However..the blade is not precisly in the middle of the hole on the table it's about a 1/16 off so it rides close to one side..I know I can move the setscrews and realign the blade so that it moves over some and it looks like I have enough room to move the setscrew over that much...however all my allen keys don't fit...It's got to be metric

    Anyone know the correct allen key size for the setscrew? I don't want to strip it..


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    spend $ 2.00 at walmart and get a set of what ever you don't have -- if you were close I d let you have one or two of the hundreds that have accumalated here - they are like coat hangers- they multiply-- but I have two saws and both use two different size screws on each -- so you may want to get a full set
    Just try the wrench till you get the right one - I keep mine on a magnet at the base of my saw ..


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      Unfortunately, I'm at work and can't check the size of the screw right now.
      Check out Rick Hutcheson's site:
      He has a great tutorial on tuning up the DeWalt.

      There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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        Blade holder setscrews

        Troy....If you adjust the top blade clamp, make sure the top and bottom of the blade are on a true vertical with the top and bottom holders. It might look centered in the hole in the table but actually be on a slight angle just as if the table were tilted. Generally, any adjustment on the top holder requires some adjustment on the bottom also to keep the blade on a true vertical and perfectly centered in both the top and bottom holders.
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          It is a #3 and what Neil said is important. What you do to the top holder you need to do to the bottom. With that said the ideal situation is to have the setscrew even with the edge of the holder. This setup should be done before adjusting the table. Then align the table to the blade.
          John T.


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            Thanks everyone..



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              First time I've tried replying to the Message Board, so I hope this goes through all right.

              I just bought a DW788 myself a couple of weeks ago, and had the same problem. The blade didn't go through the hole exactly in the middle. What I did was to loosen the two big screws underneath in front that hold the table in place. I was then able to move the table itself over a little to get the blade more in the center. The holes the screws go through are large enough so that some adjustment can be made. Hope that helps.

              Also, mine was off by 2 degrees as well.

              Dan C.


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