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  • Tired of paying too much for blades?

    I have puchased the Olson's blades for a while and find them costy. I tried Craftman, Vermont American and others available in the DIY stores but I was not satified with them (dull faster and break faster and limited choice of blades).

    Finaly, I found the Pegas Swiss blades. They are as good as the Oslon's but half cheaper price. So far I tried the Regular, the Skip Thoot, Reverse Thoot and the Spiral blades of different size. They don't get dull any faster than the Olson's not they break faster either. Actualy they stay sharp longer!
    My experience with these blades over the last 6 months is so good that I don't buy Olson's blades anymore.

    You can find them at: for CANADIAN CUSTOMERS for US CUSTOMERS.

    They ship for cheap and if you are not satisfied with the blades, return them and they will refound them.

    They have the online order and ship a catalog with every order. Their Clock movements are also very cheap.
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    Try the Flying Dutchman blades.....I too used Olson blades but since using the Flying Dutchmans I'm hooked!! Contact Mike on the board here and he'll probably send you a couple samples.
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      Here is Mike's address.

      Please Note:  USPS (Economy option) delivery service can be 1-2+ weeks or so in the US.  If you are in need of your order quicker, please choose the FedEx option at checkout.  Delivery times for Economy shipping for orders outside the US can be 4-8 weeks or more.    FLYING DUTCHMAN scroll saw blades are made from high quality steel.  All our blades are 5 inches long and pinless. You can mix and match in the same blade category for discounted pricing and choose from many popular sizes.  FLYING DUTCHMAN scroll saw blades are absolutely the finest blades available combining both quality and cost.  Our relationship with the manufacturer in Germany affords us great savings that we are then able to pass along to you. Visit our SHOP to begin your search and feel free to CONTACT us if you have any questions.
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        Agree, give the Flying Dutchmen a try. I'm pretty sure Mike still sends out samples. I bought a small assortment from him and intend to buy more as soon as my existing stock of Olson's is used up. May be awhile as I have several gross. The FD's stay sharper longer and cut truer than the Olson's.


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          I agree with the above. Try Mike's Blades and you probably won't use any others. No shipping charges. Go to Mick.
          Mick, - Delta P-20

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            I think if you tried the FD blades you too will agree you are now scrolling with the finest blade out there. The many who posted before me are just a small sample of the following the Flying Dutchman blades create. This is not just some propaganda to sell blades for I have no affiliation with Mike except to talk with him on occasion when I need more blades but these are facts. I can also join the many who have probably tried every blade that has come on the market and I have a drawer full of proof. I would say you owe it to yourself to try and compare and if you feel the same then so be it. Happy Scrolling.
            John T.


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              All that is great but I am from Canada. So with the exchange rate and the custom fees, I end up paying too much. More than the Olson's. Not only this, buying the Pegas blade from them I just pay half of the sale tax because they don't have a store on my province. (federal tax but not provincial tax)That pays the shipping.

              I am telling you guys the Pegas Swiss blades are very good and worth to try. And they are available to purchase from Canada as well as from the U.S. see link in my previous post on the same thread.
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                I did some checking about the prices you pay in Canada for the Pegas blades. I could not believe what they charge for the blades compaired to the FD blades.
                Plus you pay sales tax and $ 4.50 for orders under $ 45.00.
                No S/H charges for the FD blades and custom forms are not required.
                Sent your address to try some free samples.
                Did you get my private message?

                Mike M
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                  I started using FD blades months ago and I will echo the opinions of the others on the board here, they are incredibly awesome!

                  Give them a try and I think you'll be happily surprised, you'll never go to another blade again.

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                    I wish you have a name to go by but anyway I do not know about Canada pricing and all that but I am sure if you talk to Mike he has sold many blades around the world and especially to Canada so before you say they are cheaper check with Mike. Second the Pegas blade may very well be a great blade in your mind but I think as many have said already here and know there are manyothers out there that will tell you it doesn't hurt to give the FD blades a try. If you try them and they are not to your liking than no harm no foul. Happy Scrolling!!
                    John T.


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                      These saws use blades????!!!

                      Wow that would explain a thing or two.
                      I will have to try some of my projects over. I may get them done a little faster.

                      All kidding aside blades can be a pleasure or a chore. Try them all, then try them again. I used to swear by crown tooth blades then I changed materials.
                      I have a friend who refuses to use spiral blades yet for some projects I love them.

                      I havent tried FD yet but I will say one thing I havent heard one negative comment about them yet. I have about half a gross of Sawbird blades to go through, then I can try FD.

                      How many people dont throw out their old blades. They are the cheapest part of scrolling yet we seem to use them too much or even keep the dull ones for future use.

                      Change em!
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                        I too use Flying Dutchman blades and find they are very good. When I first started I was given some Hobbies blades from the UK and found them good too but will be sticking to FD for the future. The hardest part is deciding which ones to buy because they all seem to have 'good for fretwork' on them. Will probably try a few different ones with each order.
                        Cheers. Teresa .


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                          FD blades

                          I too tried flying dutchman blades and will never go back to anything else. The blades are great and the service is even better. Oh and I also live in Canada. Glen.


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                            FD rules

                            I haven't been sawing too long but I started out on FD blades and wont use any other.

                            My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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