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    I just purchased a Hawk G4 and I am having trouble installing spiral blades, they keep wanting to pop out after I install them. I have no problem with anyother types of blades. It almost seems that they are not long enough. Do they make a plain end spiral blade? As for the saw I love it compared to my 12" dremmal that I was using. I hope somone can help me because I like the spiral blade.

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    When you say not long enough you are not setting the tension right. Loosen up on the back knob and let the arm come down more and it will be long enough. I am not a spiral blade user but there are also things you can try. Switching to round blades which Mike has and also he has a new spiral blade that I think he will introduce soon . I had just done a test for him and have to say the cut is exceptional and very easy to control. You also try flattening the ends but if they are the twisted ones they may come apart. But try the first thing I said because you have the tension set too high.
    John T.


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      I tried to flatten those ends before and you are right about the blade falling apart, the metal just can't handle it.

      I use spiral blades exclusively now and while I have not proclaimed myself a master I do feel very confident in my abilities.

      As many know when you are mounting your spiral blades into the clamp, one end or the other will always be in the middle of a twist when you try to tighten them down. So to avoid this I always mount the bottom end first on a flat edge. When I go to mount the blade in the upper clamp I keep a little pair of needle nosed pliers next to my saw and I just simply add a little pressure and twist the blade until it will be on a flat edge in the clamp (very little pressure or twisting is needed). While going through this process takes a few extra seconds in blade replacement time it has paid divdends in keeping my blades properly tightened and decreased the wear out time of a blade.

      Hope that helps.

      Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

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