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    1st thanks for the replies on my first ? re old vs new DW788. The "NOS" I had found was not so old after all.

    Now for my next ?s.

    Can the EZ lift raise the arm quickly enough to keep a broken blade from stabbing the workpiece?

    I have been calling and emailing Jim Dandy for a week or two and have never gotten a reply. Is he still in business?


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    The e-z-lift, when properly installed, doesn't lift the arm at all unless you push it up. It's like a balanced counterweight; wherever you put the arm, there it stays.

    That doesn't mean that if your concern is the broken blade scenario, you couldn't set it up to overbalance the arm and pull it up. I don't truly know if that would work. But the e-z-lift isn't designed for that.


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      Cooter, has the Easy Lift System for the Dewalt 788 for $20.95. Catalog part #T196. Mick.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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        Broken blades

        Cooter...I don't know about other folks experiences with broken blades but it seems that 9 times out of ten, on the occasion that I do break a blade, it will break below the work piece. When they do break it's generally because I'm trying to get a little extra service out of a dull blade which is a real no!! no!! I use a lot of #2's and stress them pretty hard sometimes. I've gotta admit that the old DW-788 is really forgiving of my lapses in craftsmanship practices. Great saw for the money!!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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