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New vs. Old DW799

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  • New vs. Old DW799

    I have finally decided to buy a DW788 and have found a store that has some "new old stock." The sales guy could not tell me much but the model they have comes with a stand, and he said they have had it a long time. It is priced about the same as a new model at the other stores.

    Would this indicate that it was one of the models made by Sommerville (Excalibur)? What are the differences between the two?

    Thanks for any help,

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    I don't know the differences, but the new DeWalts are made in Asia unlike the older ones which were made here. What the exact cut-off date was I don't know, but was at least a year ago.


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      Hi Cooter,
      Below you find a letter from Sommerville to Seyco.
      Is there a way that you can find a date on that saw?
      Mike M

      Seyco Sales
      242 National Dr
      Rockwall, TX 75032
      July 31, 2003

      Attention: Mr. Ray Seymore

      Dear Ray,
      Just thought I would write to you in response to your inquiries. As of February 2003, Sommerville Design and Mfg. INC. officially ceased manufacturing the DeWalt DW723 scroll saw and related products.

      The production of this saw has moved to the far east in order to capitalize on some cost reduction opportunities, therefore you can appreciate the fact that we have no influence on any future models with respect to quality or features. I am also unable to predict what changes, if any will be instituted.

      This is going to allow us to concentrate more time on further developing and refining the "Excalibur" line of products. Specifically we will continue to supply the EX-19 and EX-30 machines with North American made electrical components and local materials whenever possible.

      I hope this brings you up to speed on current events and answers some of your questions.

      We are looking forward to the "new" future.

      Yours truly,
      Tom Sommerville
      SD Mike


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        Cooter.....look on the motor of the saw. There should be name plate data which includes the saw's serial number. If the letters "SO" are present after the serial number, this indicates it was made overseas. Hope this helps!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          Thanks for the help...

          The NOS was more new than old, but still not a bad deal.


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