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  • variable speed switch 40-601

    Any idea where i can put my hands on a used variable speed switch for a delta 40-601 scroll saw that i want to repair for a friend ?
    Thanks! all

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    Don't know where you will find a used VS switch. You should be able to get a new one from Phone # 1-800-223-7278. Good luck, Mick.
    Mick, - Delta P-20

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      Delta is awesome in the customer service department.
      I bought a thickness planer that was returned to a store.....I guess the previous owner finishe his project and didnt need it anymore....I called Delta the sent out a manual, a wrench and a blade guage.
      Total cost. 0
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        Delta 40-601 Controller

        Originally posted by feu26
        Any idea where i can put my hands on a used variable speed switch for a delta 40-601 scroll saw that i want to repair for a friend ?
        Thanks! all
        I too have a 40-601 scroll saw and am seeking a controller. Delta says they haven't made them in years and no one in the country saw has any left-over inventory and everyone has told me that I might as well junk the saw, but I don't want to do that. Even the Delta service center here in Atlanta told me that after keeping my saw about 5 weeks. They said they couldn't get parts and couldn't fix my saw. After searching the internet extensively, I have found that Delta had lots of problems with these controllers failing. They would send you a new one when the saw was still under warranty and even now will offer a trade-in allowance toward a new one (model 680). Through tracking down leads from the internet, I contacted a guy in Kansas City who is an electrical engineer and has repaired these controllers for people. He said the design of them was poor and that Delta never should have built them the way they did. I found a local electronics shop that has agreed to try to take a look at my saw and try to repair it for me. If they can't, the engineer in Kansas City offered to try to repair mine if I mail the controller to him. At least I have some hope now! The engineer told me that it could be a problem with the main processor and, if so, it can't be repaired. But he said that the most common problem was with other components which could be swapped out by a technician. He said that it could just need a $2 part. I'm taking my saw into the shop today so I'll let you know how it turns out. I can give you the engineer's name and phone number if you would like.


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          Here is where to get a foot switch

          Foot switch is on sale at
          Only 14.99$ CAN. (About 11.50$ U.S.)
          They are in Canada but also ship outside Canada.
          At this price, it is not even worthed to build your own.
          On sale until March 12, 2006

          Item No: B1844
          Foot Switch
          Extremely handy for use with scroll saws, table saws, routers and drill
          presses. Switch turns ON only when stepped on and switches OFF when stepped off. Maximum load capacity is 115 volts, 15 amps.

          (I copied this from another tread I posted on this forum)


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            Not variable speed?

            The switch in the above post does not seem to be variable speed (which is ok with me for the price). I assume it then just plugs (inline) with the AC cord and my scroll saw or router "variable speed" controls still work as normal as long as I have my foot pressed on the foot switch?

            Also the shipping for this item Item No: B1844 from is $8.50 bring the total to about $25. Are there other VS speed switches available for this price.

            Follow up: It seems the consensus in another thread is to not use a variable speed foot switch unless it was specifically designed for your saw.
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              I think the post by boogatoo may have been for a different thread. You are correct that one should not use a VS foot switch unless the saw is specifically designed to use such a switch.

              The new owners of Delta Machinery have a real harsh policy about keeping parts for old machines. An old machine is anything out of current production these days.



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