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Identify or Comment on this 1996 Craftsman Model?

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  • Identify or Comment on this 1996 Craftsman Model?

    <see attached photo as reference>

    I'm considering this 2nd hand 1996 Craftsman 16" scroll saw for my first trial of this type of tool. The asking price is roughly equivalent to the cheapest 'new' scroll saw I've been able to find - a King Canada import:

    So, for the same $$$, I'm trying to compare new (and presumably not very well made) to old and ?well made? - Were 1996 era Craftsman scroll saws notoriously bad, or should I snatch this one up? I believe it is variable speed, but probably only takes pin-type blades and requires tools for the blade change. It looks heavy though- which I would equate with less vibration.

    My other alternative is to spend ~ double on a new Delta (w/stand).

    Any comments appreciated.

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    While we have debated different models of saws many times I will always stand by this line of thought. Whenever trying a new hobby or activity one shouldn't go out and buy the greatest and latest model to start with. Like excerise bikes and treadmills they are used breifly then forgotten as some folks just lose interest. So with that a cheaper saw is always good if your not quite sure about your committment.

    I think that saw would serve you well and allow you to work on your basic techniques, however my only observation that would make me shy away from it would be the pin type blades you would use. Blade changes would be a bit more of a hassle and the selection of different types of blades you could use would be limited (might need a conversion kit?). Myself I would keep looking and pass this one up.

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      I can't speak for or against any saw (based on my position) but a saw with pinned blades is very cumbersome. I'd keep an eye out for a saw that uses pinless blades...



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        DO NOT BUY IT. Like Bob D was saying not many scrollers use pin blades. You will not be able to make nice fret work. It takes a big hole to get the blade through.
        The Delta 16" variable spped is a nice little saw. I have seen very nice projects made on that saw. It is around $ 100.00. The next one would be the Delta P-20. I don't have one but have seen a lot of people talking about it on different forums. You could ask also on this forum: There are some people on that board who went from a DeWalt to a Delta P-20.
        Mike M
        SD Mike


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          I've heard enough to say No to the Craftsman

          Sounds like the Pin blades are definately a limitation. I thought this only impacted how convenient the blade change was, as well as limited the selection of blades - it hadn't occurred to me that it meant the whole had to be bigger for threading the pin through (although this makes perfect sense now that you've pointed it out).

          I appreciate all the comments - thanks for your help.



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            What sort of scrolling projects are you most interested in?



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              Why do the higher priced saws not even have a blade holder that could hold a pin blade? Sure, there are a few patterns where you can use pin blades but why buy a saw and limit yourself to only pin blades. The majority of patterns are made for PINLESS blades.
              The question, as I understood it, was about buying a second hand saw that could use only pin blades. Do not tell a person that it is OK, because there are a few patterns with which you could use pin blades.
              Many pin blades are even too big even if you don't have to drill a hole. Like with veining or very inticate turns.
              Mike M
              SD Mike


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                Sitting here and biting my tongue. Oh this hurts.
                John T.


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                  I’m, also, new at this Scrollsaw business and I do like it. I bought a 16” Delta and it is a good saw, but if I know I would like scrollsawing this much I would have bought the P-20 for my first. Mike’s right the 16” dose cost around $100.00 and it dose use pinless blades (by the way buy all you blades from Mike). My next one will be on the level of a Dewalt 788.

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                    grayrc, are you sure this saw uses only pin type blades? The saw is only 9 years old, if the price is right I would check it out. I am not a fan of Craftsman tools but if it does use just the pin type blades you may be able to convert it. has the Delta SS250 for $99.99 and the SS350LS for $189.99. Mick.
                    Mick, - Delta P-20

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                      I agree with jttheclockman .... except my teeth hurt from grinding them.


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               between the lines and take the advice of Phil and John. If you're going to buy a tool, buy a tool that's going to do what you want it to do. Your skills and experience will soon exceed the capabilities of that saw and it's going to be money down the drain when you discover you need to upgrade. If you're serious about pursuing scrolling buy the best your budget will tolerate....also I advise against buying any tool that requires another tool to operate it!!
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                          I agree with Neal, buy the best you can afford. Although I don't know about their newer models, my old craftsman makes a wonderful anchor for my son's small boat! And that's my opinion of their scroll saw BUT I do have alot of their other tools which I really like, so does hubby, so they may have improved on their scroll saws. Try running it first and see how LOUD it is. That may be a factor in buying this saw. It should run very quiet. When all is going well, I can hardly hear my hegner running at all. When all is not, I walk away! LOL GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY SCROLLING!!!!!

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