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Blade tension for the tone deaf

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  • Blade tension for the tone deaf

    Hey everyone,
    I was "practicing" some more during my lunch hour and realized I need some help. I'm tone deaf (ask anyone who's heard me try to sing) and all the suggestions I've seen for adjusting blade tension tell you to tension it until the blade make a musical note. I can't tell one note from another!

    How should I tension?


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    Tone Deaf

    Bob.....Just tension the blade so that when plucked with a finger it rings. Sort of a "diiing"!! No particular musical note that I'm aware of....just a ding!!
    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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      Hi Bob,

      Like they said before, I very nice high ping sound. If the blade moves more than 1/8" side ways you don't have enough tension.
      It is better to have a little too much than not enough.

      SD Mike


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        I saw in some other post awhile back that it should make a "C" note. Not knowing what the heck that meant I asked my musician wife and she laughed at me with no answer that followed when I plucked my blade looking for some sort of affirmation. For me if my wood isn't chipping., splitting, chirpping or doing any else I don't want it to do I assume it is okay. Just begginners advise to what I will guess is a scrollers age old question.

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          C note

          I always thought a C note was a hundred dollar bill, so if you want I will come tension your blades for a C note.
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