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Delta SS350 vs Dewalt 788

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  • Delta SS350 vs Dewalt 788

    I would like to upgrade from my Delta SS250 but can't seem to decide between the SS350 and the Dewalt. I know the Dewalt gets rave reviews, but if anyone has used both these saws, I would appreciate some comparisons. Specifically, can you top feed with the Delta? How is it's vibration level compared with the DW788? How effective is the blower? I like my SS250 except for the bottom blade clamp, which is really a pain, the vibration level and the anemic air blower. My local Rockler store has a pretty good deal going on both saws at the moment. The Dewalt is going for $409 before a $50 rebate while the SS350 is $179 before a $25 rebate. That puts the DW788 at right around twice the price of the Delta. Both are within my budget, but I'm basically cheap, so if the Delta compares favorably with the DW788 I am tempted to go that way.


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    Hi Jim,

    I would up grade to the Delta P-20. It is a heavy saw and very little vibration if at all. It is heavier build as DeWalt.
    It will feed from the top. The draw back, some feel, that changing speed you have to move a belt. People who have the P-20 say that it is not a problem at all. Check with If it is too much money right now, I would start saving for a better build saw.
    You get what you pay, they always say.
    Mike M
    SD Mike


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      I have an ss-250 and I installed a quickset II blade changing holder
      onto the bottom blade clamp assembly and it works great,and
      its easy to install.
      Delta P-20


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        Thanks to both of you for the replies. I think I'll incorporate them both. I'll swap out the bottom blade holder for now and wait until I can find a good price on either the DW788 or the P20. I need to get a lot better before the machine is the limiting factor of my scroll sawing anyway. Between the 788 and the P20, , I am leaning toward the Dewalt, though, since I like the easy speed changes afforded by the dial.

        By the way Mike - I really like your PSR and flat end spiral blades - I find them much easier to use than Olsens.



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          This does seem to be an age old question. What's the "best" saw. If you have your heart set on a "brand new" saw then so be it!

          Buy the best saw you can afford.......... even stretch the amount if you can.

          Don't discount used top quality saws. Hegner, RBI-Hawk etc. I bought a 15 year old Hawk ($100) and its as quiet as I remember when I had a new one.(see my other threads) Its a two speed belt change. (haven't needed to change the speed yet.) I spent a few more bucks on upgrading to the fancy blade holders and blower nozzle. I did a little "tune-up" on the bearings waxed the table and I've been makin' saw dust for about a month now! Even after I bought a magnifier light (on EBay) I have under $250 in the set up.

          It's a worthwhile investment if you have basic mechanical ability!



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            I've used both the Delta and Dewalt. I literally wore my delta out and found a Dewalt on sale with stand and light included at our local Woodcraft store. I think I paid about $450.00. I am totally happy with the saw and it does everything I need it to do. I really like the fact that the upper arm raises out of the way for pierced cuts and the dust blower stays in position and out of the way. For the money I'd go with the Dewalt!!
            If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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              Delta vs DeWalt

              Hey Jim
              I had a Delta then a Dremel....just upgraded to a DeWalt.... I love it!
              At Woodcraft, they will let you try their saws... In fact I took two scrollsaw classes (Woodcraft uses the DeWalt 788 in their classes) just so I could use the DeWalt before I made the jump to buy the saw. After the classes, which were disappointing I bought the DeWalt 788 and have had it about 6 months. The only thing I can say bad about the saw is that the screw on the left side of the bottom blade clamp vibrated out and I couldn't keep the bottom to hold the blade. It kept coming out....I'm stupid so it took me awhile to figure out what happened! Once replaced no more troubles.
              Good Luck


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