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  • Table top problem

    Just curious, do others find that they cut into the table top on their saw when working a project? I have the RBI Hawk 220 and feel I have the blade tension tight enough but the hole in the table top has gotten a slice in the back of the hole behind the blade from the blade somewhat bowing into the back when cutting...this "notch" seems to be perhaps 1/64th " again caused from the back of the blade hitting the backside of the hole.

    Is this normal? Do other have this same kind of problem?

    Thanks for your help
    Jim Paskett
    RBI HAWK 220

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    Blade stretch

    I have a Delta saw with round inserts for the table. I cut lots of blank ones from thin ply. I do find that as I do lots of production work the blade will stretch. I dont seem to break too many blades but I do wear the teeth down.
    This usually happens when I am stack cutting plywood. If I am using the plastic inserts from Delta, I can smell the plastic burning.....or is that the dust on my brain. Anyway, take it slower and easier and the problem will go away.
    As for cutting into a metal table. Not sure how to fix that one.
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      I've had a hawk 220 for about 5 years and have not had that problem with it. It's my third saw, the first two were from other manufacturers and I did have the problem, but it was really not the saw, I was just trying to go too fast. Once I learned to slow down (really tought to do), the problem magically disappeared. Try a more agressive blade, it will let you go faster, hopefully fast enough. Or, you could try a bit more tension, the hawk blade holders seem to allow more tension than the other saws I had.


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        I have just purchased an 15 year old Hawk 220. It didn't have the notch in the rear of the table that you speak of. However, after I cut on it a few days............ it appeared. So, ....... I too think it's from trying to work too fast. I have little time these days to spend on my hobby and I expect to be able to get a lot more done in the time I have. So I "rush".

        Just got some FD blades from Mike. I'm hoping that they will cut "faster" and help me relax.



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