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  • a good scroll saw

    Hello again, just can't stay away from this site. I have a ridgid ss1650 scroll saw, I like it very much-The problem I'm having is the chucks have been replaced 3 times,they just won't hold the blade.they don't make this saw anymore so the chucks they send me are aftermarket and I don't think the chucks are hardened steel.There great for about 2 weeks and the problem starts all over again. This has become very frustrating when I tighten the tension the blade slips out.I tried cleaning and lightly sanding the blade but to no there a fix for this problem?SO -I'm thinking of purchasing a new question is, can someone suggest a good saw.I've been doing this for a while so I want a good quality saw.I've heard other people talk of delta p20--dewalt 788--hawk220.but nothing about the ridgid ss1650.any and all suggestions would be greatfull. Thanks Kevin

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    I have a Delta P20 and the old Q3 and like them both. The P-20 is a belt drive and I can't get the right speed for me on real fine work, so I use the Q3 for that. The P20 is great for thicker wood.
    Delta P-20 & Q-3

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      Kevin, I have the P-20 and believe that it is a heavier, industrial strength saw than the 788. The P-20 has a great blade clamping system, have never had a problem with the clamps. Whichever one you have is the best one I guess. They are both about the same price, the Hawk is quite a bit more. Don't know anything about the Ridgid.
      Bob, try using a blade with more teeth per inch and the slowest speed on the thinner woods. I use a 2/0 blade with 28 tpi when cutting intricate fret work on 1/8" and 1/4" wood. Mick.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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        Mick that is the size of blade that I use. The P20 just runs faster than I like, when I slow it runs slower that I like, but that's OK I like using my Q3. If I would practice more with it I would be OK, which I will do some day.
        Delta P-20 & Q-3

        I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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          You are now more experienced and I am taking it you are now hooked on scrolling and have become frustrated with your lesser model saw. You owe it to yourself to step up and not stay on the same plane which the rigid saw is. The Delta P20 is a very good saw but has a different blade holding system which some people like I do not but that is irrelevant. It is a top loading saw so if you are use to this then it will be a good choice. If you have not done top feeding then there is a learning curve. The Dewalt 788 is around the same price and is both a top feeding and can be a bottom feeding saw. If botttom feeding you may want to buy an easy arm lift kit which is about $20 Both are excellent saws and have been proven. Yes the Delta saw speed changing is done with a belt but not many people change the speed that often so it does not become an issue. The Dewalt is electronic and on occasion you read about problems with the switch getting full of dust and causing havoc with the speed controller. So you see both saws have their quirks as all saws do. The Rbi and Hegner saws are great saws but a little more money about twice as much. Do you get that much more? I happen to think so for I own 2 RBI"s but I also own a hegner and a Dewalt. I use the Rbi the most.

          My suggestion is if you can test try any of these saws do it but if not you can not go wrong with any of the ones listed so stay away from the rigid and treat yourself and Good Luck!
          John T.


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            The age old question

            Hi Kevin,

            I am with you on the "can't stay away from this board" comment you made. Everyone here is quite helpful and polite.

            Now about that saw. my first question is this: Do you like the performance of the Rigid saw? (minus the blade holder problem)

            If so check out this site and see if one of their blade holders will fit your machine. I just purchased an old RBI Hawk for little money... I mean LITTLE money. I called RBI and ordered all the updated goodies before I found the link above. If you are looking to upgrade the saw in general, buy as much saw as you can possibly afford.
            Having said that..... I can afford any saw I want. excalibur,Hegner,Hawk etc. The problem I have is this...... I'm a frugal yankee ..... I don't WANT to lay out $1000+ for a saw that I will only use occasionally. I owned an RBI Hawk almost 20 years ago, GREAT SAW! then, sold it and got away from scrolling. Now I'm getting back into it. I LOVE to make saw dust! See my review on the dept. store level saw. Don't hesitate looking at used on EBay or the WantAd..... You know this publication being from Ct. you can also access them online... for a fee. That's how I found my RBI. Please let us know how it goes, and what you buy. Best of Luck!



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              The Delta 350 is just below the Delta P-20. The 350 is a bottom feed. It doesn't have a belt that has to be moved to change speeds, it has a knob on the right lower side and the motor is to the right side and covered so no sawdust gets in. It has the Quick change blade holders top and bottom. I have had it since the middle of Dec. The only complain that I have is a slight vibration just past the idle speed then it goes away when easing it up a fraction. It was only $200 and a very nice saw. My suggestion is go to a place that sell the different saws and equipment and check them out and if you can try it, before you buy it. Yes, I know that saws are different than sewing machines,(I'm an old sewing teacher, among other things), but you can have the machinery turned on to see about vibrations, placements of items and ease of use. Feedback is good, but you are the one that is going to use the tool. Decision making is very hard sometime. Good Luck.


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