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  • New Craftsman Scrollsaw

    After picking up my mail today I was all excited to see the new Sears Annual Tool Book 2005 in my stack of bills. I can never have enough catalogues!

    One thing that stood out in among the tools was the new Sears Craftsman 16" tilting arm scroll saw. Now, I have been scrollsawing for many years, almost 20 now ... and I can not see the benefits of this saw over one where the table tilts.

    Any comments? If someone out there has a review of this saw I would love to hear about it.

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    Well -- I've owned two of them and I can see only one advantage in a Craftsman scroll saw whether the table tilts or not, and that's if it's the only saw you have. Just MHO - and I'm no expert.


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      If the arm tilts how about the bottom clamp? Does that tilt also? Never heard of any thing like it before. When you want to cut a bevel, just tilt the table.
      Mike M
      SD Mike


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